【Laopu Gold • Hong Kong Flagship Store】 Grand Opening on Canton Road

HONG KONG, April 1, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Laopu Gold • Hong Kong Flagship Store was holding its grand opening on Canton Road in Tsim Sha Tsui yesterday. At the grand opening, Laopu Gold showcased the exquisite art of Chinese gold craftsmanship and its timeless aesthetic. The Company’s branded gold jewelry, handcrafted by grand masters, are not only attractive jewelry and art pieces with rich Chinese heritage but are also luxurious collectibles. 

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In 2020, the China Gold Association recognized Laopu Gold, established in 2009, in their “Yearbook for Gold in China 2020″ as the first brand in China to promote the concept of heritage gold Moreover, through its commitment to meticulously created handcraft gold, the Company has become the leading brand in China’s traditional handcrafted gold industry. Laopu Gold also contributed to drafting the group standards for “Heritage Gold Artifact” and “Heritage Gold Artifact Inlaid with Diamonds” as published by the China Gold Association.

Over the past decade, Laopu Gold has focused on creating “Laopu Traditional Gold” jewelry, which embodies a distinctive Chinese style, enduring craftsmanship, and the classical cultural value of Laopu. The jewelry illustrates the ultimate elegance and noble charm of traditional handcrafted gold ornaments. With the Company’s growing popularity, it is expanding the world’s awareness of traditional Chinese gold and creating new trends in the Chinese traditional gold market.

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According to the 2023 Hurun Supreme Brands — Chinese High Net-Worth Individuals’ Brand Preferences released by the Hurun Research Institute in March 2023, Laopu Gold was listed among the top ten jewelry brands preferred by high net-worth individuals.

Laopu Gold is dedicated to building a high-end gold and jewelry brand that embodies the cultural values of Chinese intangible heritage and appeals to international consumers. The Company looks forward to sharing with the world the immortality and legend of traditional handcrafted Chinese gold ornaments.

About Laopu Gold

Laopu Gold is the top heritage gold jewelry brand in China as recognized by the China Gold Association, epitomizing China’s intangible cultural heritage value through its distinctive products. Upholding a high-end brand positioning, Laopu Gold is a house of creation dedicated to offering products that harmonize cultural and fashionable attributes, showcase assertive style, and demonstrate uncompromising quality. Among the key brands in China’s gold jewelry market, the Company is the only brand that focuses on the design, manufacture and sale of heritage gold jewelry, according to Frost & Sullivan. Laopu Gold adopts a strict self-operation model and a scenario-based operation style for all its boutiques.


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