17sing’s Y2K Ballad Carnival woke up memories, Andrew Tan and Chang Hsiu Ching sang their classic songs and played with fans in rush sing mode

TAIPEI, March 27, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — From 2/26 to 3/24, the Y2K Ballad Carnival organized by 17sing came to a successful end. Classic artists Andrew Tan and Chang Hsiu Ching, appeared in the live room of 17sing, bringing an audio-visual feast with fans.

The artists are so working hard to prepare many surprises for the fans: in this event, the first star singer will sing a song for his idol on live and let the idol comment and give them advises; the first star family will be able to play with the artist on live with rush sing mode, and the family can receive a customized blessing short video from the artist. In addition, there are artist signature peripherals and Karasoul dolls to be given out during the activity. After the official announcement of the event, it attracted strong attention from Internet.

On 3/10, at 8pm, Andrew Tan came to the official singing room of 17sing as promised. In the live streaming, Andrew Tan’s gentle, shy and polite image is very different from his usual, and he was called by fans as the “Little Puppy“. Andrew Tan said that he started his career as a child at 7 and his career has spanned more than 40 years. Andrew Tan brought his own classic songs to fans: “I only want to protect you in the whole world”, “it doesn’t matter if it hurts anymore”, “the situation must be done”, “the diva”. Andrew Tan’s live performance was as steady as soundtrack, making the fans wonder if he had turned on the original voice! Andrew Tan also revealed some tips to maintain a fit body: HIIT training, long-term persistence of fitness. During the live show, Andrew Tan also played the rush sing mode of the 17sing with family members. The rush sing mode is not only a test for player’s library, but also a fight for hand speed. There were a few songs that Andrew Tan knows how to sing, but he missed the chance to rush, making him feel very regretful. The live stream was very wonderful, everyone could listen to the golden songs and interact with the stars, it could be called as a “17sing star meeting”!

On 3/24 at 8pm, hot girl Chang Hsiu Ching arrived. Like a big sister who has been through, Hsiu Ching will told her story to audiences. Hsiu Ching said she started singing when she was 6 years old and earned from singing to support her family; “Station” was not an overnight success, but rather, Hsiu Ching pushed the speaker and sang to passersby on the streets and plazas to promote the song, and it took eight months for the song to be hit. In addition, Hsiu Ching also imitated her friends. The audience in live room was very clever, and they all guessed it right. Chang Hsiu Ching brought her four classic hit singles “Reason”, “Station“, “Dreams Will Wake Up and Drinks Will Go Away” and “Spice Girls Are Coming” to this live streaming. Hsiu Ching’s voice has a kind of magic power to bring the audiences back to youthful memories. At the same time, Hsiu Ching also played rush sing mode with 17sing Family. Rush sing mode is a music game full of speed and passion, and everyone is having a great time. Even if Hsiu Ching doesn’t succeed in singing, she will still sing along with fans, which is a great reward for everyone!

In this Youth Train, the singers awakened the beautiful memories of countless people with their classic songs, which seemed to bring us back to the beginning of the millennium. Every note bears the mark of the times, and every lyric condenses the memories of youth. In this party, we were not only participants, but also inheritors of those beautiful times. Although the Y2K Ballad Carnival has come to an end, the passion ignited by the music, like a blazing fire, will never die in our hearts. The Y2K party was not only a feast of music, but also a spiritual baptism. It allowed us to find a moment of peace and warmth in our busy lives, and also allowed us to relive the unforgettable youthful time in our memories. As a social Karaoke app, 17sing makes music as an emotional link, has been practicing a more trendy and interesting way to create memorable events. Let’s go forward with 17sing, dance with music, accompany each other and witness a more wonderful future!



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