A Dictator as a Host: “The Wake-Up Call” – Germany’s jolting video podcast

Right-wing populism is on the rise in Europe, but amidst the constant information overload, warnings about this shift often go unnoticed. To counter this, the “Laut gegen Nazis” (Speak Out Against Nazis) association is launching a video podcast with Adolf Hitler as the host. Starting March 7, the digitally resurrected right-wing extremist dictator will share current news that has been overlooked due to our desensitization to daily shocks.

HAMBURG, Germany, March 7, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — In “The Wake-Up Call,” the dictator presents eleven video podcast episodes highlighting events from reliable sources. Despite encountering shocking news daily, society has normalized it, prompting the need for drastic measures. The association has opted for a bold approach by using Adolf Hitler as a spokesperson, aiming to grab attention and serve as a cautionary tale. Currently, right-wing populists hold power in Italy, Hungary, the Netherlands, and act as coalition partners in Finland.

Resurrection by deep fake 
Renowned actor Rauand Taleb from “4 blocks” underwent a deep fake transformation into the dictator using AI. This technology not only changed his appearance but also voice, meticulously trained using sound, photo, and film materials over several months, directed by Ludwigsburg Film Academy student Pascal Momper.

„The Wake-Up Call” is sponsored by Arabica Antifaschista, the coffee of the Laut gegen Nazis association. Each purchase supports the association with a €2 donation for projects against right-wing extremism. The podcast airs daily from March 7 on Spotify, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

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About Laut gegen Nazis
Founded in 2004 in St. Pauli, the association actively opposes growing right-wing extremism. Through partnerships, they raise awareness and create a basis for negotiation with politicians.

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