AIA Carnival Celebrates Grand Finale after returning to the Central Harbourfront for the first time in four years

HONG KONG, March 6, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The AIA Carnival, Hong Kong’s beloved winter festival, has come to a successful close after making its triumphant return to the Hong Kong harbourfront, captivating the city with its unique and exciting presence. Since its opening on 21st December, 2023, this highly anticipated Hong Kong event has welcomed over 821,800 visitors both locally and from overseas, a testament to the popularity of this returning annual tradition.

AIA Carnival celebrates its grand finale, thanking everyone involved, from visitors, partners, sponsors, to their supporters.
AIA Carnival celebrates its grand finale, thanking everyone involved, from visitors, partners, sponsors, to their supporters.

“We are thrilled with the resounding success of this year’s AIA Carnival, which has greatly contributed to our community’s cultural vibrancy. The exceptional turnout and positive feedback have surpassed our expectations, affirming our dedication to this beloved event. We are immensely grateful to our partners, performers, and, most importantly, the attendees, for making this possible. Looking ahead, we hope to once again delight the Hong Kong Community and continuing the legacy of joy and unity that defines our event for years to come” said Mr Randy Bloom, CEO of Great China Entertainment Group, the event organiser.

A Spectacle Like No Other:
The AIA Carnival delivered a feast for the senses, offering over a million plush toys, 30 skill games, and 40 interactive installations. Street and stage performers took entertainment to new heights, complemented by innovative selfie spots and a central Community Stage fostered a vibrant community spirit, engaging over 15,000 community members and featuring more than 390 diverse acts with over 5,600 performers.

A highlight of the carnival, “UBS Presents The World Circus,” achieved record-breaking success with numerous sold-out shows, setting a new benchmark for entertainment. Showcasing seemingly impossible feats alongside talented performers who engaged the crowd with family-friendly humour. With over 168 performances, up to four daily shows, more than 120,000 tickets sold, the circus delighted audiences of all ages and surpassed all expectations.

From 17th to 24th January, 2024, the “Big Top” tent transformed into an intimate stage for a series of live music performances. This unique event, in collaboration with Warner Music Asia, featured a diverse blend of global and local talent, including electrifying DJ sets, an Abba-tribute sing-along, soul-stirring orchestral performances, and more. Renowned artists like Dear Jane, Zpecial, Griff, Bang Yedam, Crash Adams, and the best of Warner talents mesmerized attendees. “Live at the Big Top” offered an unforgettable musical journey for all.

Unprecedented Brand Collaborations: In addition to our long term partner and Title Sponsor AIA, the AIA Carnival proudly partnered with renowned brands such as UBS, Cathay,, The LEGO Group,, and The Sandbox this year. These collaborations not only enhanced the Carnival’s offerings but also exemplified the power of partnerships in connecting brands and communities through entertainment. From AIA’s 4D immersive photo experience; Lego’s giant installation, which was an instant hit with visitors of all ages; an Olaf Installation, inviting all to the World of Frozen in Hong Kong Disneyland; to weekend appearances from Donpen the official mascot character of Don Don Donki; to many more, The AIA Carnival was truly a melting pot of partnerships and cross collaborations.

The AIA Carnival embraced innovation and technology by integrating with the metaverse through a partnership with The Sandbox. Visitors enjoyed a unique experience spanning both the physical and virtual realms. Additionally, the Carnival introduced cryptocurrency payments in collaboration with, marking a significant milestone for Hong Kong events of this scale.

Together with AIA, the Carnival created lasting connections and unforgettable moments for all who attended. Each partner capitalized on the opportunities presented by the AIA Carnival, contributing significantly to Hong Kong’s local economy and community development.

Community at the Forefront: The Community Stage showcased the talents of over 390 professional and amateur local community groups, shining a light on the special stars of the local community. This year we expanded on our Community Program across the pillars of Dance, Art, Music, Sport and Education at the Carnival, ensuring we cover all members across the local community. The AIA Carnival also continued its commitment to supporting the community through charitable donations of over 30,000 sets of carnival tickets to various organizations and schools. This comprehensive program aimed to create joyful memories for families and friends during the festive season.

Federica Salute, the founder of Mommy and Me Dance Class, expressed her enthusiasm:
“I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to introduce the ‘Mommy & Me’ concept to the Hong Kong community, particularly at the AIA Carnival—a venue I consider a phenomenal gathering place for families, something we’ve longed for in Hong Kong. From the moment we stepped onto the stage, it felt as though we all reverted to childhood, coming together for a singular purpose: to have fun and share joy. It was an incredible experience and a privilege to share our idea in such a vibrant setting.”

Similarly, after a local Taekwando Group Jung Do Kwan SS Team delighted the Carnival audience with a variety of stunts and tricks, Mr Poon, Regional Instructor told us “It was our honour to be able to share our art at the AIA Carnival.”

Diverse Community Pillars: The AIA Carnival’s community space featured an array of activities, including art, dance, music, wellness, health, sport, education, and NGO initiatives. Educational programs provided valuable insights and experiences for students, focusing on out of classroom education and real-world applications.

Photographer Ali G shared his impressions: “As a Community Art Partner, the vibrant atmosphere struck me immediately upon my arrival. It transported me back to the carnivals of my childhood, creating a magical environment that is not only welcoming but also filled with excitement at every turn. The community stage has also served as a fantastic platform to showcase some incredible talent and community initiatives. It’s a space where creativity and community spirit truly come to life.”

An Overwhelming Swell of Positivity: The return of the AIA Carnival was a truly welcomed major event for the city, with attendance figures and the overwhelming response received reflecting Hong Kong’s renewed enthusiasm. With strong support from the Hong Kong Tourism Board, Information Services Department, leading corporates, and brands, the Carnival served as a beacon of joy, excitement, and inspiration over this winter period.

Throughout the event, the AIA Carnival has continued to receive countless positive feedback from our visitors. Jeff from Buddhist Po Kwong School who visited the event with his school expressed his joy “I had an amazing day with my family here at the AIA Carnival, and I was pleasantly surprised by the number of toys I won.” A tourist from the UK, visiting from North London, enthusiastically shared, “After seeing the advertisement for the Carnival, I knew I had to come, and it was absolutely worth it!”

This year, through strategic partnerships with OTAs such as, Ctrip, Klook, and KKday, along with a targeted marketing campaign aimed at overseas audiences, the AIA Carnival has seen an increase in tourists attending the event. Together with the neighbouring Hong Kong Observation Wheel and AIA Vitality Park, the Central Harbourfront has continued to thrive with energy and vibrancy, attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors from Mainland China and abroad. 

The strong support from both local and overseas community and their resounding chorus of “We will definitely come back again next year!” is a reflection of the event’s popularity.

The AIA Carnival has been a resounding success and the event organisers would like to thank everyone involved from visitors, partners, sponsors to our supporters. We hope to see you next year and hope to continue bringing smiles to the faces of the Hong Kong and abroad.

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About AIA Carnival
The AIA Carnival, one of the largest outdoor events in Hong Kong, attracting over one million visitors each year, returns this Winter from the 21 December 2023 to 25 February 2024. With a commitment to providing unforgettable experiences, the AIA Carnival offers a wide range of thrilling rides, games, and entertainment for all ages. The much-loved event has become an iconic part of Hong Kong’s vibrant event scene, bringing joy and excitement to visitors both locally and from around the world.


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