ATxSG2024: Sunwave Highlights Wireless and Satellite Innovations

SINGAPORE, June 3, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — During ATxSG 2024 from May 29th to 31st, Sunwave was a standout at the Singapore Exhibition Centre, showcasing wireless network, coverage, security, and satellite communication innovations among over 200 exhibitors.

At the show, Sunwave brought the AI Security System and Smart Maritime Platform launched by Marinesat, the subsidiary of Sunwave, which focuses on satellite communications. Leveraging broadband satellites and AI, the Smart Ship Management System delivers real-time operational data and enhances vessel safety. As of 2023, Marinesat has provided satellite communication for over 5000 vessels worldwide, making it one of the largest maritime satellite communication providers in Asia.

The 3rd-generation DAS products boast upgraded fiber rates to 25 Gbps, with single-channel bandwidth expanded from 100 MHz to 300 MHz and supporting a maximum bandwidth of up to 2400 MHz for the entire DAS system.

Recently, Sunwave received praise for implementing a subway communication project in Singapore. With millions of passengers relying on Singapore’s MRT daily, stable network connectivity is crucial. Sunwave’s custom multi-network solution integrates 2G, 3G, and 4G, ensuring comprehensive coverage and enhancing passengers’ travel experience.

Sunwave showcased cutting-edge 4G/5G solutions with open ORAN and vRAN platforms with a peak user rate of 2.8 Gbps in CA mode and activating up to 400 users per cell, meeting diverse high-performance scenario requirements. The private 5G solutions have empowered over 100 projects globally.

The wireless communication market in Southeast Asia has seen notable growth as industries speed up digital transformation, creating a pressing need for strong infrastructure. Sunwave, a top global provider of wireless solutions, meets these demands with custom network construction and services for diverse industries. Sunwave integrates solutions with real-world applications, serving diverse sectors like telecommunications, buildings, sports venues, transportation, education, energy, and agriculture.

This exhibition not only showcases technology but also signals Sunwave’s strengthened overseas market expansion. By prioritizing our communication services, we are accelerating our global market outreach and enhancing our overseas production capacity.


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