AUO Leads Micro LED Technological Breakthroughs, Reshaping Display Experiences at SID

Featuring Transparent, Large-Size, and Flexible Technologies, Enhancing Diverse Applications Across Portable Devices, Automotive, and Medical Fields

HSINCHU, May 13, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — AUO is at the forefront with its advanced Micro LED display technology, integrating the entire supply chain to establish a globally leading force to bring Micro LED to the market. Showcasing its advancements at the SID Display Week 2024, an international exhibition for display technologies, AUO is unveiling groundbreaking achievements in transparent, large-size, and flexible Micro LED displays across various formats, sizes, and applications. Under the theme “Revolutionizing Visual Experience”, AUO is introducing the portable 17.3-inch foldable display, the world’s largest single screen size Micro LED display, and the world’s first-ever automotive display solution with an integrated camera. Apart from the pioneering innovations in display technology, AUO is dedicated to sustainable practices, exemplified by the development of the world’s most transparent and energy-efficient wood grain display. By enhancing the value of innovation and implementing eco-friendly practices, AUO is shaping the future of display technology.

AUO unveiled the 17.3-inch foldable Micro LED display, featuring a folding hinge with a minimal radius of just 4mm, integrating the functionality of both a tablet and a display screen. Equipped with a wide color gamut coverage 100% Adobe RGB and 1000 nits of ultra-high brightness, it ensures precise color accuracy and clear visibility outdoors.
AUO unveiled the 17.3-inch foldable Micro LED display, featuring a folding hinge with a minimal radius of just 4mm, integrating the functionality of both a tablet and a display screen. Equipped with a wide color gamut coverage 100% Adobe RGB and 1000 nits of ultra-high brightness, it ensures precise color accuracy and clear visibility outdoors.

Breakthroughs in Micro LED technology: Enhanced Transparency, Large Size, and Flexibility Expand Applications Across Diverse Fields

Micro LED display technology stands out with its high resolution, high brightness, low power consumption, and high reliability features, positioning it as the best solution for next generation displays. AUO has built substantial expertise over the years and has integrated the entire supply chain to lead a visionary team that pioneers diverse applications of Micro LED across various industries, achieving significant shipment milestones. AUO’s pioneering efforts have led to unique Micro LED products. Utilizing cutting-edge technologies to enhance transparency, size, and flexibility, AUO is paving the way for a new era of smart living with Micro LED.

Flexible technology redefines traditional display shapes. AUO unveiled its 17.3-inch foldable Micro LED display at the SID Display Week, featuring a folding hinge with a minimal radius of just 4mm. This design maximizes display space and enhances portability for large screens, integrating the functionality of both a tablet and a display screen. Equipped with a wide color gamut coverage 100% Adobe RGB and 1000 nits of ultra-high brightness, it ensures precise color accuracy and clear visibility outdoors. Catering to the on-the-go needs of travelers, photographers, designers, YouTubers, Instagram live streamers, and more. Ideal for instant photo shooting, data transmission, real-time sketching, and traffic viewing, serving as the perfect companion for dynamic creative work.

The advancement in large-size technology extends the boundaries of display dimensions. AUO has overcome the challenges associated with yield rates of large screens and unveils the world’s largest (*) single screen size, 31-inch Large Size Micro LED display. This display incorporates advanced driving technology and A.R.T. (Advanced Reflectionless Technology), featuring specialized surface treatments that minimize glare from ambient light, accurately rendering images both indoors and outdoors. Its bezel-less design offers a super-wide viewing angle, liberates displays from size constraints, seamless tiling into an infinitely large screen for breathtaking visual effects. Additionally, its applications can be extended to the medical management field.

The fusion of exceptional transparency ushers in a new era of human-machine interaction (HMI) for in-vehicle experiences. Developed from a user-centric prospective, AUO’s Micro LED Display HMI solution is tailored specifically for environments beyond living and working spaces, akin to mobile cabins. This solution, designed with both the driver and front passenger in mind, features high-resolution displays that provide both entertainment and safety, thereby redefining the future of automotive displays. Having the front seat boasting a Micro LED display with a transparent, bezel-less design, a pixel density of 163ppi, and maintains a maximum brightness of 5000 nits under sunlight, ensuring the driver receives clear information and an optimal wide view for road safety.

Meanwhile, the front passenger seat features the world’s first (*) smart Micro LED display with an integrated camera, fully utilizing the strength of Micro LED to integrate seamlessly with sensor technologies. This display has a resolution of FHD and can reach a maximum brightness of 5000 nits. By leveraging the compact nature of Micro LED, it incorporates the Under-Display Camera (UDC) technology with a hidden camera that maximizes screen space. This innovation addresses challenges of UDC image distortion by employing cutting-edge technologies such as low-diffraction circuit layout, enhancing the audiovisual presentation to achieve exceptional clarity. This transformation shifts the display from a single-output tool to one that facilitates unprecedented intuitive eye contact, greatly enhancing two-way interaction and communication. Additionally, the display can be fully folded away when not in use, allowing passengers to enjoy unobstructed in-vehicle space and view of the outside scenery.

Green Technology to Spearhead Energy Conservation, Carbon Reduction, and Eco-Friendliness, Enhancing the Value of Innovative Display Technology

AUO is dedicated to pioneering research and development in advanced display technologies, consistently leading industry advancements. In alignment with global carbon reduction objectives, the company integrates innovative thinking into green technology applications. Harnessing the capabilities of three key display technologies, AmLED (AUO Adaptive mini LED), ChLC (Cholesteric Liquid Crystal), and LTPS (Low-Temperature Polycrystalline Silicon). AUO develops energy-saving, power-efficient, and lightweight products tailored for smart mobility and premium laptop applications.

For cockpit applications in smart mobility, AUO’s AmLED technology utilizes proprietary adaptive control features and delivers high brightness and contrast ratios for vivid colors. Incorporating inorganic materials enhances both the reliability and energy-saving benefits of the displays. The globally unrivaled(*) 80 percent transparency of the wood grain display, unveiled for the first time at the SID Display Week, enhances color fidelity without bias, presenting a seamlessly integrated wood grain cover that blends harmoniously with the dashboard. This display offers high visibility and brightness during operation, transforming into a sleek decorative panel when idle, merging energy efficiency with sophisticated aesthetics. Furthermore, the display can be customized with various styles, such as carbon fiber patterns, hairline finishes, adding versatility to interior vehicle designs and increasing demand flexibility for in-vehicle decorations.

AUO introduces its ChLC Outdoor Full-color Display with ultra-low power consumption, designed for smart mobility applications in outdoor environments. ChLC technology boasts energy efficiency, vivid color saturation, and eco-friendliness through its bistable nature, showcasing images by reflecting ambient light. Even in direct sunlight, it upholds remarkable color vibrancy and endures diverse extreme lighting and temperature conditions outdoors. Operating reliably across a wide temperature range from -30 degrees Celsius to 85 degrees Celsius, this display seamlessly integrates hardware and software solutions into a single system, manageable through a cloud platform. Additionally, it can be powered by solar energy systems, making it an optimal choice for outdoor information dissemination, transportation displays, and various other applications.

Aiming at the high-end laptop market, which emphasizes on the thin and lightweight designs, narrow bezels, and extended battery life, AUO merges the ultra-narrow bezel and energy-saving advantages of LTPS technology in a 13.3-inch QHD super low power-consumption laptop display. Through streamlined IC design to reduce materials and enhance portability, alongside a high-luminance efficiency backlight module, this display achieves a total power consumption of under 0.65W at 150 nits of white screen brightness. This advancement extends usage duration, aligning with energy-saving and carbon reduction objectives while offering users a lightweight computing experience that harmonizes performance and energy efficiency.

With deep expertise in display technology development, AUO spearheads the advancement of the ecosystem, earning acclaim for its research and development accomplishments. During the exhibition, multiple papers on Micro LED and ChLC technology by AUO were selected for presentation, underscoring its pioneering role in cutting-edge display technologies. By enriching the value of display technology and incorporating environmental consciousness, AUO unveils new possibilities for smart display applications through cross-disciplinary integration.

*Based on the available market research information as of May 13, 2024.

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