Bridging Centuries: The Ongoing Cultural Odyssey of Hongxing Xuan Paper

From Anhui University of Arts to Universities Across China, a Journey through Heritage Unfolding

XUANCHENG, China, April 3, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — On March 30th, Anhui University of Arts played host to the launch of an ambitious initiative: the Hongxing Xuan Paper “Intangible Cultural Heritage Campus” tour. This national university tour aims to celebrate and perpetuate rich traditional culture, with a specific focus on the ancient craft of Xuan paper-making, a technique that has earned a place on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. The program offers students a hands-on opportunity to explore the intricacies of this ancient art form.

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The event featured several highlights, not least the “Hongxing Xuan Paper 1951 Nostalgic Check-in Wall”, where teachers and students were encouraged to document their participation. More significantly, the National Craftsman Intangible Cultural Heritage Experience Zone facilitated a direct interaction with the Xuan paper-making process, from the initial stages of paper-lifting to the intricate process of drying. The immersive experience aimed to provide a thorough understanding of the elaborate and precise nature of Xuan paper production. The narrative of Hongxing Xuan Paper was further explored through the Xuan Paper Culture Corridor, which detailed the historical development, artisanal techniques, and iconic pieces associated with the production process.

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Within the extensive annals of Chinese civilization, Xuan paper emerges as a quintessential medium for calligraphy and painting, celebrated for its exquisite texture, superior ink retention, remarkable durability, and tensile strength. Originating from Jing County in Anhui Province — the cradle of Xuan paper and the craft behind Hongxing Xuan Paper — the tradition dates back to the Tang dynasty. Hongxing Xuan Paper stands as a hallmark of Jing County, acclaimed for its unparalleled quality and rich cultural legacy within the international community. 

Recognized in the Intangible Cultural Heritage protection catalog, the art of Xuan paper-making encapsulates significant cultural value. Recently, through its Intangible Cultural Heritage Campus event, Hongxing Xuan Paper has broadened university students’ love for traditional culture, simultaneously fostering a deeper appreciation and a strong sense of responsibility for the protection and promotion of China’s esteemed traditional culture. As China’s premium Xuan paper brand, Hongxing is set to continue its leadership in the cultural domain, dedicating itself to the broad promotion and preservation of intangible cultural heritage. In doing so, the brand aims to serve as a deliberate inheritor and champion of Chinese culture.


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