BRI’s 2023 Stellar Performance: Earning Rp.60.4T Profits

As an Agent of Development and Value Creator in Indonesia, BRI funnels its profit to the country via taxes and dividends payouts, supporting developments and fostering Indonesian welfare

JAKARTA, Indonesia, Feb. 1, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (IDX: BBRI) concluded 2023 with an exceptional financial performance, showcasing resilience and growth despite external challenges. The company’s consolidated assets rose by 5.3% to IDR 1.965T, accompanied by a remarkable 17.5% year-on-year profit increase, reaching IDR 60.4T.

BRI’s 2023 Stellar Performance: Earning Rp.60.4T Profits
BRI’s 2023 Stellar Performance: Earning Rp.60.4T Profits

Sunarso, President Director of BRI, underscores the company’s ability to transform challenges into opportunities, affirming, “Through strategic responses, BRI consistently demonstrates that hardships can be turned into advantages, evolving into a more resilient entity.”

BRI’s outstanding performance, driven by significant credit growth exceeding national banking standards, is largely attributed to its focus on MSMEs, which account for 84.4% of total credit disbursements. BRI’s successful integration of the ultra-micro ecosystem has fueled the growth of its MSME loan portfolio, strengthening its position and supporting initiatives such as the empowerment of women entrepreneurs through PNM.

Effective risk management was another cornerstone of BRI’s success, with Non-Performing Loans (NPL) controlled at 2.95% and NPL Coverage of 229.09%. Their ability to manage NPLs below 3% also demonstrates that their risk management principles, especially in the MSME segment, have been executed effectively.

Despite high-interest rates, BRI achieved a 3.9% YoY deposit growth to IDR 1,358.3T by December 2023. The majority sourced from low-cost deposits (CASA), constituting 64.4% or equals to IDR 874,1T. BRI also remained resilient, maintained an 84.2% LDR and a 27.3% CAR.

Digital Transformation Enhances Efficiency

Digital transformation significantly increased operational efficiency, reducing CIR to 41.9% from 47.4%. Sunarso stated, “BRImo’s effectiveness and widespread integration of AgenBRILink highlight our dedication to digital innovation, resulting in more efficient customer service. BRImo transactions saw a 55.8% YoY increase by December 2023.”

AgenBRILink not only offers efficient services but also operates on an economy-sharing business model, creating income opportunities for agents. With over 740,000 agents, transactions reached IDR 1,427T in 2023, generating fee-based income of IDR 1.5T.

Looking ahead to 2024, Sunarso affirms, “BRI’s commitment goes beyond financial success; we aim to overcome challenges, promote sustainable growth and explore new opportunities creating an inclusive and thriving community.”

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