Central Pattana Tops DJSI World Ranking 2023 in Real Estate

BANGKOK, Feb. 14, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Central Pattana plc, Thailand’s leading real estate developer, has achieved a noteworthy sustainability milestone by securing the top position on the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices-World Index (DJSI World) for 2023, attaining the highest score, or the Top 1% S&P Global CSA Score in the Real Estate Management & Development category among 299 companies globally in the sector, according to the Sustainability Yearbook 2024.

Central Pattana Tops DJSI World Ranking 2023 in Real Estate
Central Pattana Tops DJSI World Ranking 2023 in Real Estate

Listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand with a market cap of 289 billion baht, Central Pattana has been selected for the 6th consecutive years on DJSI World, 10th consecutive year on DJSI Emerging Markets, and the 6th consecutive years on S&P Global Sustainability Yearbook. This recognition demonstrates its global leadership in constantly driving sustainable development.

Ms. Wallaya Chirathivat, President & CEO of Central Pattana plc, expressed that securing the top spot among 299 global companies in the sector is a confirmation of the company’s business practices in line with its vision of ‘Imagining better futures for all.’ This achievement underscores the company’s global standing and vision, emphasizing a robust business model known as ‘The Ecosystem for All,’ coupled with its role as a Place Maker for a Sustainable Future.

“We recognize our sustainability milestones as a result of the dedicated efforts of colleagues and collaborative partnerships with tenants, partners, and suppliers. We appreciate the shared endeavors that enhance our ESG performance. Committed to innovation, we look forward to shaping vibrant and sustainable communities through close collaboration with stakeholders. Under our brand purpose ‘Imagining better futures for all’ to build a strong and sustainable ecosystem with a role of the ‘Place Maker’ who creates space of the future and pioneer cities and developments all over the countries with a mission to take care of both the quality of life of the ‘people’, including communities, and the ‘planet’, to become Thailand’s first mixed-use developer to reach a net zero goal by 2050,” Ms. Wallaya said.

DJSI select ‘global, sustainable stocks’ and lists the securities indices of world-leading companies that are outstanding in their business operations and focus mainly on sustainability. The sustainability assessment is conducted and ranked annually by S&P Global based on economic, social and environmental indicators following sustainable business development guidelines.

Institutional investors worldwide recognize and use this information for investment purposes.


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