China Report ASEAN: Reunion and Connection

BEIJING, Feb. 23, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — By China Report ASEAN



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As clock chimes echo in the streets,New Year dawns,let’s take a deep dive into celebrating festivals. Nowadays, the Chinese New Year is gradually becoming a global celebration. This Dragon Year’s Spring Festival has seen an enrichment in the ways traditional festive feelings are expressed, with the deep flavor of the season spreading across the globe via the internet. From “Dragon Year’s Climate” to “Dragon City Walk,” from “My New Year’s Eve Dinner” to “The Charm of the Chinese New Year,” from “Chinese New Year Customs Popular Overseas” to “Global Celebrations of the Chinese New Year,” interesting souls meet and get to know each other through these traditional festivals. They bridge the divides between countries and transcend ethnic boundaries, coming together in laughter and joy through the rituals of the festival.


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