City Lights, Stylish Sights: Vooglam’s Neon Collection Unveiled

AUSTIN, Texas, March 9, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — At the forefront of eyewear fashion and innovation, Vooglam proudly introduces its latest series: the Neon Collection. This series is not just a line of eyewear but a celebration of the city’s pulse and the unique rhythm that each individual brings to the urban story.

The Neon Collection draws inspiration from the evolution of neon – a journey from practical advertising tools to revered elements of urban artistry. This transition mirrors the ethos of Vooglam, where functionality meets art, giving birth to eyewear that’s both a fashion statement and a personal emblem. Each piece in the Neon Collection echoes the vibrant energy of city life, infused with the spirit of neon art’s distinctive luminance and charm.

Vooglam has meticulously crafted this collection to mirror the individuality inherent in neon art. Just as no two neon signs are the same, each pair of glasses in the Neon Collection is a evidence of the wearer’s personal style and identity. These eyewear pieces are designed not just to be seen but to make a statement, encouraging wearers to embrace their individuality and express themselves boldly.

City Lights, Stylish Sights: Vooglam's Neon Collection Unveiled
City Lights, Stylish Sights: Vooglam’s Neon Collection Unveiled

Neon Lime Green Glasses and Neon Rosy Pink Glasses are star products. These acetate square and bold frames glow with a lively color, are a bold statement, standing out in any crowd, much like the vivid neon lights that dance across the urban skyline. The frame exudes confidence with a thick, substantial silhouette that speaks of both modernity and a nod to the nostalgic glow of neon art. Together, these glasses are not just accessories but a celebration of self-expression, mirroring the diverse vibrancy and dynamic heartbeat of the streets they’re inspired by.

This emphasis on individuality is not just a design principle but a call to action. Vooglam champions the idea that just like every neon sign is unique, so is every person, each adding their distinctive style to the urban rhythm. The Neon Collection is designed to empower you to embrace and express your individuality, to be a vivid part of the city’s dynamic landscape. With Vooglam’s Neon Collection, your personal style becomes a statement, a beat in the vibrant rhythm of city life, celebrated and amplified.

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