coocaa Frame+ TV makes art to meet life, lights up life, and renews life

HANOI, Vietnam, March 28, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Technology pioneer coocaa, with its outstanding innovation and unique design concept, introduces art into life, making art no longer an unattainable existence, but something within reach and integrated into life. “On is TV, off is Art”, Frame+ TV LN7000G pursues not only simple visual shock, but also a profound spiritual resonance. Through the exquisite interweaving of light and color, it lights up every moment of life, allowing art and life to truly coexist.

The artistic atmosphere exuded by Frame+ TV LN7000G originates from coocaa’s ultimate pursuit of aesthetics. This is not just a TV, but an artistic lamp that illuminates life. Frame+ TV brings art and life closer together. It is no longer just TV, but a perfect integration of art and life. It creates a private art gallery at home in a relaxed and comfortable way, bringing users a new life experience.

coocaa Frame+ TV LN7000G makes art to meet life, lights up life, and renews life
coocaa Frame+ TV LN7000G makes art to meet life, lights up life, and renews life

The design of Frame+ TV LN7000G is not only a display of visual beauty, but also a way to awaken everyone’s unique perception of beauty deep in their hearts through artistic expression. One of its highlights is the ultra-thin design, with a thickness of no more than 30mm, which is only one-third the thickness of other TVs on the market. This not only pursues the ultimate visual experience, but also pays attention to the delicate design, transforming the TV from a cold black box into a light and artistic work. The seamless wall-mounted design further enhances the user’s viewing experience, as if it were a real painting being exhibited at home. Art mode has become a major feature of Frame+ TV. Through functions such as art gallery, atmospheric space and family photo album, users can immerse themselves in the ocean of art in a comfortable home environment, making every frame full of warmth and adding warmth to life a unique color.

In the world of Frame+ TV LN7000G, art is no longer out of reach, but integrated into every corner of life. Frame+ TV allows art to meet life, lights up life, and renews life, allowing users to feel the endless possibilities that art brings to life while watching movies. More please visit:


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