Deep Sleep in 10 minutes: MOZA Launches the Sleepris Eye Massager to Induce Better Sleep and Reduce Stress

IRVINE, Calif. , Feb. 5, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — MOZA Technology (“MOZA” or “the Company”), a pioneer in mindfulness and relaxation technology, has launched Sleepris, the first smart eye massager designed for comfortable all-night wear. Designed to alleviate insomnia, prevent sleep loss and reduce anxiety, the Sleepris combines light, massage, and heat therapy to lower stress through multiple senses, helping to induce sleep in as little as 10 minutes while improving deep sleep quality and extending sleep duration. This innovation marks another milestone in the Company’s mission to facilitate healing through mindfulness in today’s torrential pace of life, guiding people to control their breathing and focus their minds.

Mozarelax, Inc.
Mozarelax, Inc.

Commenting on the launch, Morgan Chen, Founder of MOZA stated, “In today’s high-stress life, the importance of ensuring at least two hours of deep sleep daily cannot be underestimated. The MOZA Sleepris, thoughtfully designed to incorporate Light Wave Therapy Technology, can alleviate insomnia, anxiety, dry eyes and scattered attention, helping everyone to feel truly invigorated in their busy lives.”

The MOZA Sleepris was recently showcased at CES, a premier technology exhibit held in Las Vegas. At its booth, the Sleepris, along with the MOZA RoboHands neck massager, drew crowds for its unique application of Michael Daniels’ holistic concept from “Shadow, Self, Spirit: Essays in Transpersonal Psychology.”

The ultimate sleep companion

The Sleepris eye massager is the ultimate sleep companion. Featuring the MOZA FullLight™ red light therapy module, the Sleepris regulates melatonin secretion levels with near-infrared light waves. To block out disruptive stray lights, the Sleepris provides complete visual shading by incorporating a 7-layer fabric eye shield. It also helps reduce noise with its replaceable premium foam earplugs.

The Sleepris is embedded with eight micro-vibration massage points to gently enhance blood circulation in near-silence. Because the eyes react to external heat, the Sleepris also applies soothing warmth of 42±3°C, precisely calibrated to safely stimulate blood flow without causing dry eyes. Moreover, the contact points are strategically placed to only massage around the eyes, instead of directly on the eyes, to increase comfort and prevent causing damage to the eyeballs.

The Sleepris is crafted using quality materials for comfortable all-night wear with zero pressure. At just 126 grams, it avoids leaving pressure marks even after prolonged wear. Coming in a single ergonomic size that fits most adults, the Sleepris is equipped with air-cushioned nose pads, adjustable elastic bands and breathable form-fitting cushions to ensure a perfect fit. Wrapped in luxurious, skin-friendly protein leather, the cushions are easy to clean and resist oils and makeup. Its sleek foldable design and thoughtful packaging also make it a perfect gift.

Thoughtfully designed for relaxation and meditation

In addition to alleviating insomnia, Sleepris mitigates scattered attention, visual fatigue and lowered concentration caused by dull environments and repetitive tasks. With four distinct modes of operation, users can select between sleep, focus, relax or warmth for a brief relaxation session between breaks or an extended deep stress relief to quickly fall asleep. For example, in Focus mode, alternating colors sync with your breathing at seven cycles per minute to rapidly enhance focus.

The Sleepris complements the recently launched MOZA AI RoboHands neck massager to create a comprehensive stress reduction system. Together, these innovations invigorate through touch, vision and hearing to help people find peace in their busy lives. From educators, entrepreneurs and IT professionals to tradespeople, gamers and writers, MOZA Sleepris and AI RoboHands help everyone alleviate the challenges of neck and shoulder strain, insomnia and anxiety.


The MOZA Sleepris is available for pre-order from MOZA’s website for US$199 to customers in North America, Europe, the United Kingdom, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, India, and Australia. The first 50 orders will receive a 50% discount of $99.

About MOZA Technology
Established in 2020, MOZA Technology strives to build a better future with technology partners from around the world. MOZA’s innovations leverage advanced technology to meaningfully contribute to people’s lives, reducing anxiety and inspiring hope. The Company focuses on pioneering personal health and has launched a series of products that alleviate pain, restore bodily functions, enhance emotional healing and other ways to benefit society.


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