Dressing to Impress in Economically Challenging Times: The Chic Solution of Renting High-End Fashion to Save on Designer Pieces by High Street Runway

BRISBANE, Australia, Feb. 22, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — High Street Runway is thrilled to announce the nationwide expansion of its app, building on its robust presence in Brisbane. With Sydney and Melbourne rapidly joining the trend, a surge in renters and borrowers is fuelling its growth. Other states and regions are poised to join this fashion-forward journey, with New Zealand starting to embrace the platform.

Happy High Street Runway girls with formal rental outfits
Happy High Street Runway girls with formal rental outfits

In the face of challenging economic times, “High Street Runway,” a pioneering peer-to-peer fashion rental app, is redefining how people approach style. This innovative platform not only connects renters and borrowers in a safe environment but also champions sustainable fashion, offering a vast array of high-fashion outfits at remarkably affordable prices.

Statement from Founder:

Renee Lee, Founder and CEO, explains the ethos behind High Street Runway: “High Street Runway was developed to provide a solution for both fashion lovers and the environment. We wanted to create a platform where people can access the latest fashion trends without breaking the bank, while also promoting the concept of Slow Fashion and reducing the amount of clothing ending up in landfills.”

Addressing Generational Preferences:

In an era where Gen Z and Millennials prioritize experiences over possessions, High Street Runway presents an ideal solution for staying fashionable without the substantial cost. Renee adds, “We believe that fashion should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their budget. Our platform allows renters to access glamorous and on-trend listings from our High Street Runway girls.”

User Testimonials:

Elizabeth Ikin, a Brisbane mother, shares her experience: “High Street Runway is a wonderful app for the hectic semi-formal and formal season. The app has allowed both my girls to find dresses for multiple events. They are very affordable, local, and save so much time. It’s a fantastic resource for when your daughters have multiple events to attend.”

Genevieve, a Gen Z user, echoes this sentiment: “High Street Runway has so many great formal and semi-formal dresses for hire! The process is easy, and I got so many compliments on my dress. I love how you can browse so many outfits and see what’s trending. Such a great app.”

Benefits for Renters:

The app also provides a lucrative opportunity for individuals to monetize their wardrobes. Kacey Reynolds of Dress Hire Sunshine Coast comments, “I have LOVED using the High Street Runway App to list my designer dresses for hire. I have almost doubled my orders since listing my items. The app is simple to use, payments are fast and seamless.”

Quality Assurance:

High Street Runway ensures a seamless and enjoyable rental experience. All High Street Runway girls maintain a minimum 4-star rating, known for their quick responses and excellent customer service.


Join the fashion revolution with High Street Runway. Download the app today to access a plethora of high-fashion outfits at affordable prices. Embrace affordable style and sustainability with High Street Runway – where you can have your designer fashion and save the environment too.

Media Contact: Renee Lee 0411 552 966


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