Eddid Financial Selected as a Participating Dealer for the World’s 1st Spot Ether ETF

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Also Obtains SFC License Uplift to Offer Virtual Asset Trading Services to Retail Investors

HONG KONG, April 18, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong (“SFC”) has conditionally and principally approved Harvest Global’s launch of the world’s first Spot Ether Exchange Traded Fund and Asia’s first Spot Bitcoin Exchange Traded Fund (collectively, “ETFs”). In a significant innovation, the newly approved ETFs offer an in-kind subscription and redemption mechanism, unlike the typical cash-only systems in similar U.S. products. This enables direct subscriptions and redemption using Virtual Asset (“VA”) tokens (i.e., Bitcoin and Ether), marking a significant development in the investment landscape. Eddid Securities and Futures (“ESFL”), subsidiary of Eddid Financial (the “Group”), has been appointed as one of the three participating dealers. Additionally, ESFL has received approval from SFC to uplift its license, which expands its scope of virtual asset trading services, providing retail investors with virtual asset trading and product distribution services.

The Spot Bitcoin and Ether ETFs, managed by Harvest Global, are pioneering products leading the international financial markets. As one of the few participating dealers, ESFL will assist in the creation and redemption of ETF units and support smooth trading operations. ESFL will collaborate closely with the issuer to provide investors with a secure, reliable, and convenient channel for virtual asset investments. These ETFs can be traded via regular securities accounts, marking a seamless integration of virtual assets with traditional finance and ushering in a new era of virtual asset investment.

ESFL has also received approval from the SFC to uplift its license in Type 1 regulated activity (dealing in securities). This uplift allows ESFL’s virtual asset (“VA”) trading and product distribution services to cater not only to professional investors but also to retail investors. ESFL will partner with SFC licensed virtual asset trading platform (“VATP”), leveraging the team’s interdisciplinary expertise and extensive experience in the financial industry, to provide the market with a diverse range of trading options, including VA trading pair, VA futures ETFs and spot VA ETFs, and the distribution of VA products such as Real World Asset tokens, to meet the diverse needs of its clients.

The Group remains committed to advancing innovations and breakthroughs in the virtual assets market. Participating in the launch of the world’s first Spot Ether ETF and Asia’s first Spot Bitcoin ETF, along with the license uplift, reaffirm the team’s leading position in the industry. This initiative is a significant milestone in the Group’s all-encompassing strategy within the virtual asset market. Going forward, the Group will continue its collaboration with industry peers to offer investors with innovative asset allocation options and services, while reinforcing Hong Kong’s standing as a global financial hub and a center for virtual asset trading.


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