Future Mobility Asia Exhibition and Summit 2024: Accelerating Asia’s Clean Mobility Revolution

BANGKOK, May 13, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — As Asia strives to meet global emission reduction targets, governments across the region are re-envisioning their approach in the transport sector, making progressive policy decisions that enable a momentous shift towards clean mobility. Highlighting the integral role of advanced mobility solutions in achieving a net-zero future, Bangkok will host the pivotal Future Mobility Asia Exhibition and Summit from 15 to 17 May 2024 at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre, under the patronage of the Ministry of Energy of the Kingdom of Thailand. Co-located with Future Energy Asia and Future LNG Asia, these events combine to create a powerful force for change, addressing the critical trilemma of energy security, sustainability, and affordability.

The Strategic Summit at Future Mobily Asia highlights the integral role of governmental policies, importance of advanced mobility solutions, economics behind the transformation, and global best practices in sustainable and intelligent urban transportation, aiming to sculpt a forward-thinking mobility ecosystem. Future Mobility Asia is Southeast Asia’s leading platform for CEOs, domain specialists, policymakers, investors, and start-ups from around the world to impart knowledge, viewpoints, and tactics in steering mobility innovation and regulatory frameworks that support next-gen transportation for a sustainable future, while keeping consumers’ needs in mind.

With 22,000 visitors expected, 2,500 delegates, 600 speakers, and 350 companies from more than 70 countries, the exhibition and summit are testaments to the power of collective action in driving significant environmental and economic progress across the region, offering a unique opportunity to contribute to a legacy of positive change and innovation in Asia’s clean mobility transformation. This year’s theme, “Accelerating Asia’s Clean Mobility Revolution,” aims to encourage the development of charging infrastructure, and display of effective and proven solutions to go beyond green and make the transportation more efficient.

With a distinguished lineup of speakers, comprehensive strategic summits, and the support of industry giants, the event is anticipated to enact significant strides towards a clean mobility future. Bangkok will become the crucible where the region’s challenges meet global solutions, underscoring Asia’s pivotal role in steering the world towards cleaner, more reliable, and sustainable future.


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