Giti Tire Embarks on a Greener Future with New Chief Sustainability Officer

SINGAPORE, March 25, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Giti Tire is proud to announce the appointment of Dr. Pang Chong Hau as the Chief Sustainability Officer, marking a significant step towards their commitment to sustainable business practices. Operating from Giti’s global headquarters in Singapore, Dr. Pang brings a wealth of experience in sustainability, having led the development of sustainable procurement frameworks and initiated key green projects in his previous roles.

Dr Pang Chong Hau (PhD, CSSB, CEnv, MIEMA) joins Giti Tire Group as Chief Sustainability Officer toward a greener future.
Dr Pang Chong Hau (PhD, CSSB, CEnv, MIEMA) joins Giti Tire Group as Chief Sustainability Officer toward a greener future.

Dr. Pang’s achievements, including the “Best Green Initiative” at the Informa FinTech Future Banking Tech Awards in 2022 and “SG Mark Platinum 2022,” underscore his ability to drive meaningful sustainability initiatives. His role as Secretariat of the Singapore National Sustainable Procurement Roundtable in 2022/2023 facilitated vital discussions on practical sustainability practices across industries.

As a certified LEAN Sigma Black Belt and Chartered Environmentalist, Dr. Pang is uniquely positioned to apply LEAN Six Sigma methodologies to sustainability efforts at Giti, aiming to position Giti Tire as a leader in responsible business practices in the tire industry. “I am thrilled to lead Giti Tire’s sustainability journey,” Dr. Pang stated. “My aim is to inspire every employee to leverage their expertise in the tire industry by integrating sustainability practices into their roles and providing them with the necessary knowledge to effectively accomplish our sustainability goals within specified timeframes. This includes targeting a 30% reduction in Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions by 2030 and attaining Net Zero emissions by 2050 through operational optimization, technology adoption, and Nature-Based Solutions.”

Recognizing Giti’s Progress and Future Path

Giti’s journey towards a greener future is already bearing fruit, as evidenced by receiving the EcoVadis Gold Award, placing Giti Tire in the top 5% of the tire industry for sustainability. This achievement reflects their continuous efforts across all levels of the company, from headquarters to the factory floor, and aligns with Giti’s commitment to positive environmental, social, and governance impacts.

Furthermore, their improved Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) grade on Climate Change of B- and Supplier Engagement grade of B- demonstrates Giti’s coordinated approach to addressing climate change and sustainable growth along the production process. These recognitions not only celebrate Giti’s current achievements but also serves as motivation to exceed sustainability targets for a lasting positive impact on the planet and to continue improving towards industry leadership through implementation of current best practices.

These efforts have gained the recognition of global leaders and Fortune 500 companies, like Walmart, as Giti received the recognition as a Giga-Guru in Walmart’s 2023 Gigaton Survey. This Giga-Guru award places Giti in the Top 20% of Walmart Suppliers in regards to reducing the environmental impact of their processes.

Dr. Pang emphasizes the importance of collaboration with suppliers to enhance sustainability throughout their supply chain. “Engaging with our suppliers on initiatives such as E-liability and Supplier Traceability is essential for creating sustainable processes and practices,” he remarked, “Additionally, our group has bolstered governance measures and established medium to long-term goals, such as maximizing the use of reusable and recycled materials, reducing waste, and enhancing recycling across all our global facilities,” highlighting the strategic approach to sustainability at Giti Tire.

Giti’s Commitment to a Sustainable Tomorrow

Under Dr. Pang’s leadership, Giti Tire is set to accelerate their sustainability efforts, with a focus on operational optimization, technology adoption, and Nature-Based Solutions. By empowering every employee with the knowledge and tools to contribute to their sustainability goals, they are not just aiming for compliance but striving to set new standards in the tire industry for environmental stewardship.

“These ratings are a welcome recognition for the efforts that the Giti Team has towards creating sustainable practices while validating the contribution by each stakeholder within the company,” commented Dr Pang when asked about what these ratings mean to the organisation. “It is my honour and privilege to spearhead sustainable practices in the tire industry. I look forward to working closely with all organisational levels at Giti Tire to make a significant positive impact on our environment, society, and economy through Giti Tire’s sustainability initiatives,” Dr. Pang concluded. Giti’s journey towards sustainability is more than a commitment—it’s a reflection of their dedication to building a greener, more sustainable future for generations to come.


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