Global Sources Hong Kong Shows inset for April 2024, with Gaming Products, Smart Home Appliances, and Sports & Outdoor Products Categories to Watch

HONG KONG, March 11, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Global Sources announced today that the Global Sources Hong Kong shows will take place at the AsiaWorld-Expo in Hong Kong from 11 to 30 April, 2024, catering to the demands of the global sourcing industry.

This year, the shows will spotlight themes of low carbon, environmental sustainability, health, comfort, nature, and companionship, showcasing popular product categories such as gaming, small home appliances, sports and outdoor gear, as well as pet products. The event will bring together over 5,000 top-tier suppliers from Asia, occupying 9,000 booths and presenting more than 300,000 unique, high-quality innovations and peripheral products. Among these will be approximately 1,000 new suppliers, demonstrating cutting-edge technology applications and design concepts. The show is expected to draw more than 100,000 professional buyers from various parts of the globe.

Phase I (11–14 April)

Global Sources Consumer Electronics

This show caters to the sourcing requirements of international buyers seeking next-generation electronics such as computer peripherals, esports and gaming accessories, automotive electronics, outdoor gadgets, audio & video devices, and commercial electronics. The event also includes booths featuring service providers for logistics, testing, financial services, and cross-border e-commerce, offering comprehensive sourcing solutions and fostering industry collaboration.

Global Sources Electronic Components

This showcase presents a variety of electronic components, semi-finished batteries, power supply equipment, connectors, and product application solutions. It also integrates a wide array of upstream products from the semiconductor sector to establish a complete ecosystem within the electronics industry.

Phase II (18–21 April)

Global Sources Mobile Electronics

Highlighting mobile electronics with unique designs, cutting-edge technologies, and renowned export brands, this show features mobile devices, smart wearables, AR/VR gadgets, mobile accessories, energy storage solutions, and EV chargers. It aims to serve as a global trading platform and a venue for new product launches.

Global Sources Smart Home, Security & Home Appliance

This event showcases intelligent and innovatively designed products, focusing on smart home technologies, security devices, and home appliances to offer a premium sourcing platform for global buyers.

Global Sources Home & Kitchen

A comprehensive sourcing hub for eco-friendly and design-oriented home and kitchen items, including home décor, household cleaning products, kitchenware, and tableware, all crafted for refined lifestyles.

Global Sources Lifestyle

This show highlights high-quality, stylish products tailored through sustainable manufacturing and technologies, such as tech gifts, pet accessories, health and personal care items, serving as a prime source for trendy products.

Phase III (27–30 April)

Global Sources Sports & Outdoor (new)

This show presents high-quality, trendy, technologically advanced, and eco-conscious sports and outdoor products, including sportswear and apparel, aiming to establish a fashionable and health-conscious sports lifestyle ecosystem.

Global Sources Fashion

Showcasing a diverse range of fashionable apparel, fashion bags and accessories, this event showcases the diversity and allure of Asian fashion.

Enhanced Gaming and Esports Hall with Engaging Activities

As the gaming industry continues to advance rapidly, the Gaming and Esports Hall in phase 1 has undergone a complete upgrade with a fresh design and new activities. This enhanced space will feature more than 500 booths showcasing new gaming products and accessories, along with the addition of three new specialized zones for popular gaming hardware like mice and keyboards, gaming monitors, and gaming controllers—offering buyers a tailored professional sourcing experience.

A range of exciting events, including product launches and Show Girl tours, have been arranged to provide buyers with exclusive access to cutting-edge technology products. Notably, within the immersive Gaming & Esports Arena, attendees will have the chance to witness high-level esports matches presented by esteemed professional teams such as OMG, DDT esports club, and the world champion TE. Moreover, visitors can engage with renowned esports commentator wAwa up close to immerse themselves in the captivating esports culture.

Focusing on Small Home Appliance Trends: Smart, Artistic Design, Portable, and Eco-Friendly

The evolving sourcing demands for small home appliances, particularly from emerging economies like India and Brazil, have been on the rise. While the North American market is maturing, the European market is experiencing significant growth, with Asia, particularly Southeast Asia, showing high appeal and promising development potential.

To address the evolving market needs, the second phase of the April Hong Kong shows will bring together top-tier design firms and manufacturers in the sector, with a focus on small home appliances for personal care, everyday living, pet care, and kitchen applications—key categories for elevating the modern life quality and reflecting innovation trends. The event will showcase the latest advancements and future directions in the small home appliances industry by spotlighting applications that emphasize intelligent features, artistic aesthetics, portability, and energy efficiency.

Surge in the Sports & Outdoor Industry

In the current landscape of global trade, driven by the increasing adoption of health-conscious lifestyles, the sports and outdoor sector is experiencing rapid expansion due to its unique appeal and substantial market opportunities. To address the pressing sourcing demands of this industry, Global Sources is introducing a fresh Sports & Outdoor show in the third phase of the April event. This show will bring together approximately 600 booths and over 30,000 products from Asia, encompassing outdoor gear, sports equipment, sport apparel, and backpacks, providing a specialized sourcing platform for international buyers.

Furthermore, the event will host a Sports Carnival, offering buyers the chance to immerse themselves in the allure of sports and outdoor products through themed activities and enjoyable competitions.

Emphasizing Sustainable Growth and Setting a New Standard for Professional Trade Platforms

A successful trade show serves not only as a stage to present products and technologies and facilitate trade but also as a crucial driver for fostering the sustainable advancement of the industry. As a prominent international B2B trade platform and event organizer, the Global Sources Hong Kong Shows remain dedicated to upholding ESG responsibilities and sustainable development principles in curating top-tier events and steering industry trends.

Mr. John Kao, Vice President of Hong Kong Shows and Overseas Shows at Global Sources, commented, “Being a frontrunner in the field, we recognize the significance of sustainability in our trade shows and the industry at large. We are steadfast in our commitment to this ethos, refining all facets of the shows to enable buyers and suppliers to engage in environmentally conscious and effective interactions. The event will embrace the ethos of sustainable development, leverage digital tools to minimize carbon footprints, and actively champion green, low-carbon, and eco-friendly products. Concurrently, we will persist in collaborating with Crossroads International to advance the Caring & Sharing program, extending support to those in need.”

Mr. Kao concluded, “Sustainability stands as a pivotal theme of the show, and Global Sources will continue enhancing its ESG practices to assist global buyers in adopting sustainable sourcing practices and making well-informed and responsible sourcing decisions.”

About Global Sources:

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