Heybike Will Soon Release Hero — A Powerful All-Terrain E-bike

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 1, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Heybike, a manufacturer specializing in making and selling high-quality electric bikes, will unveil a brand new e-bike model called Hero. This e-bike caters to more higher requirements put forward by numerous riders. It is bound to revolutionize the e-bike industry with its outstanding performance.


Hero E-bike – Forged For Any Challenge; Your Legend Starts Here

The bike frame of Hero is made of carbon fiber materials, and it is meticulously engineered to provide unparalleled strength, durability, and lightweight construction. This bike frame weighs only 2.8kg, 36% lighter than the aluminum frame of the same size. Not only does this frame enhance the overall appearance, but also ensures a comfortable ride. What’s more, the Hero e-bike has a powerful 750W mid-drive motor, which can deliver exhilarating acceleration and allow riders to effortlessly conquer steep inclines. And the motor has a max torque of 160N•m to adjust to riders’ pedaling style, ensuring a smooth cycling journey.

Another exceptional feature of Hero is that this e-bike is equipped with a full-suspension system (a horst-link suspension and a hydraulic front fork suspension) and two 26”*4.0” fat tires. The whole e-bike performs great shock absorption, providing bikers with a smooth and stable ride over uneven surfaces. Furthermore, with 5 levels of pedal assistance and a Shimano 9-speed gear system, Hero brings the thrill of fast riding for every rider. And there is no need to worry about losing control because the hydraulic disc brakes on its front and rear wheels can quickly generate strong braking force.

Traveling range may concern some riders a lot. Hero has a 864Wh battery and a 48V/4A fast charger, and it can run up to 60 miles with one full charge. Its battery adheres to the UL2489 safety standard  certified by TUV. Heybike also provides a 10-year warranty for the bike frame to make customers buy with confidence.

Why Heybike Makes The Hero E-bike?

As the slogan of Hero e-bike suggests, this model is crafted to upgrade people’s riding experience to a higher level. Cycle with Hero and conquer any challenging terrain in a legendary style. The exceptional features of Hero meet more people’s riding demands. Everyone can enjoy fast and smooth riding on all terrains with Hero. Moreover, the Heybike team firmly believes riding an e-bike is beneficial to the health of riders and the earth. The production of carbon fiber consumes less energy than steel and cuprum, and less waste is created as well, which helps protect natural resources and the environment.

The Hero E-bike will be released soon and this web page (https://bit.ly/prnewswirehero) shows more information about it. There are also 150 coupons (pre-pay $50 for $500) for customers to buy via this web page. The coupon can only be used for purchasing the Hero e-bike during its crowdfunding period on the Indiegogo Platform.

About Heybike®

Jason Fang, the founder of Heybike, commented: “Heybike comes into being with the mission to provide everyone with the best riding experience and help create a greener planet.” It puts forward an ultimate mode of green transportation with two options for every rider: self-pedaling with the assistance of an electric motor, or setting your feet free by riding the e-bike with battery power.

Heybike is committed to bringing innovations to the marketplace and expanding product lines to meet the needs of its customers, fostering alifestyle that brings people together and makes travel easy.

For more information on Heybike’s latest products and to stay up to date on the news from the company, visit www.heybike.com and follow Heybike on Facebook, @heybikeofficial on Twitter, heybike_official on Instagram and YouTube. To have a test ride of Heybike e-bikes, you can visit its local dealers.


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