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Launch Enables Anyone, Anywhere to Create Cost-Efficient, Scalable and Secure Apps with Zero Server Infrastructure Costs Forever

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BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS, Feb. 14, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Pear Runtime, a groundbreaking open-source peer-to-peer app development platform, launched today, offering developers and users the most secure, efficient, scalable, and cost-efficient platform for app development today and into the future.


Created by Holepunch, a Tether-backed company, Pear Runtime enables unlimited apps to be created using tried and tested open-source peer-to-peer infrastructure, with the promise of zero server infrastructure costs, ever, to developers.

“Our mission is to prove that Pear Runtime can enable users to enjoy the economic, social and creative freedoms that constitute the core values of the Internet,” commented Paolo Ardoino, Holepunch Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer. “We challenge the conventional notion that servers are indispensable to online interaction and reject the idea that communication between users necessitates connection to mysterious data centers. We aim to dismantle the misconception that launching a digital enterprise requires exorbitant server infrastructure costs.”

“Pear Runtime is an elegant and powerful solution to a recognized problem in the development community: how to build and launch an app that doesn’t grow exponentially in cost once it’s successful,” explained Mathias Buus Madsen, CEO of Holepunch. “We encourage all developers to explore our code at www.pears.com, where you will have the freedom to build any app you envision. We are committed to supporting you throughout your app development journey, empowering you to create your own unique business models, free from the constraints of server costs.”

Conceptualized and built by a mission-driven team, and engineered to be the most secure, efficient, and low-cost platform in existence, Pear Runtime will catalyze the app development community to fundamentally disrupt Web 2.0.

The Future

Pear Runtime vastly simplifies the creation of peer-to-peer applications. The platform provides developers with tools and solutions to build P2P apps in which users retain complete control of their own data. Pear Runtime is designed to eliminate the need for centralized server environments, instead allowing devices and users to communicate directly with each other. This revolutionary approach promotes privacy, security, and decentralization in the digital realm.

“The launch of Pear Runtime will drive a wave of decentralized, secure, and private digital experiences. By eliminating servers and server infrastructure costs, Pear Runtime will empower developers to disrupt existing Web2 platforms and re-envision the possibilities of the Internet,” predicts Buus.

Holepunch has already developed and launched apps using Pear Runtime, including secure messaging app Keet.

Buus further proposes, “Picture a P2P streaming service in which artists connect directly with their audience, retaining full rights and profits. Envision a decentralized learning platform where knowledge crosses oceans, connecting minds and fostering global understanding. Or perhaps an illimitable search engine, immune to the biases and censorship of its creators. Pear Runtime is all about direct connections — unmediated, unfettered, and unbreakable.” 

About Holepunch

Holepunch is a technology platform that allows tech developers to create apps with no servers whatsoever. The company provides its peer-to-peer platform on an open-source basis, allowing developers to contribute to the project, and to utilize the open-source code at no server infrastructure cost. 

Holepunch provides a collection of “small JavaScript modules” which can be combined to create unlimited P2P apps, from VPNs to communication tools like Keet. 


About Pear Runtime

Pear Runtime is the first open-source, interoperable peer-to-peer live data protocol that enables app developers to create cost-efficient, scalable, and secure apps with no server infrastructure costs. Pear Runtime will unleash a host of developers to disrupt legacy Web2 projects, all without servers and with zero server infrastructure cost.

Pear Runtime was created by a mission-driven team that values privacy, scalability, and freedom above all else. Visit www.pears.com to access the Pear Runtime open-source interoperable peer-to-peer live data protocol.



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