Huawei Champions the Singapore Land Authority’s OneMap GPT Challenge

The world’s first interactive itinerary planner demonstrates the boundless potential unlocked by the synergistic integration of artificial intelligence and geospatial mapping visualisation across industries

SINGAPORE, March 6, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Huawei, a global information and communication technology (ICT) leader, announced that its prototype ‘An Inter-generational Itinerary Planner/Property Finder’, was one of the two winners at the Singapore Land Authority (SLA)’s OneMap GPT Challenge out of 41 entries, comprising companies, academia and individual participants. The prototype was unveiled by SLA, the national geospatial and mapping agency at the Geo Connect Asia 2024.

The inaugural OneMap GPT Challenge was launched by SLA in October 2023 with the support of the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) through the Open Innovation Platform (OIP). The goal is to explore ways to incorporate AI technologies for innovative solutions on OneMap, the authoritative map of Singapore, extending the benefits of geospatial to a wider community.

The winning prototype Huawei’s OneMap GPT developed by Applied Intelligence Centre of Excellence of Huawei International on Huawei Cloud, is conceivably the first application in the world that integrates geospatial and generative AI technologies with public (OneMap) and private sector data to develop an interactive inter-generational itinerary planner for residents to plan their daily activities or seek responses that can guide lifestyle decisions including consumer purchases.

By integrating different types of data, such as property information (e.g. EdgeProp, ERA, PropNex), government information (e.g. OneMap Open datasets, Housing Development Board (HDB) housing policies, National Environmental Agency (NEA) weather information), mobility(e.g. SBS Transit, BlueSG, GetGo, AnyWheel), retail (e.g. Sheng Shiong, UOB TMRW) and lifestyle (e.g. National Library Board(NLB), Sentosa Development Corporation TMRW ) datasets, the prototype can be extended to support different types of user queries, for example it could assist in planning a day itinerary for property viewings based on specific user preferences, and recommending suitable properties for families to reside near their parents.

“We are pleased to be part of this challenge and grateful for the opportunity,” said Dr Ashley Fernandez, Chief Data and AI Officer at Huawei International. “One of the underlying complexities in bridging geospatial use cases and GPT AI models goes back to data. Geospatial data by design comprises of various formats, along with its dynamic and ever-changing representation of our world in time and space. It’s always exciting to reimagine the entire data and GPT stack through our extensive R&D experience, reengineering and innovating new solutions to old problems.”

Mr Maxi Wang, Chief Executive Officer of Huawei International said, “Geospatial powered solutions form the foundation of Singapore’s smart nation initiative and play an increasingly vital role in solving real world challenges. Huawei is delighted to have the opportunity to offer our latest innovations. By leveraging synergies between geospatial and generative AI, we hope to fully unleash the true potential and opportunities of data with technologies.”

“Moving forward, we will partner with SLA and further develop this prototype. Beyond this collaboration, we are committed to joining hands with more public agencies in Singapore to build up capabilities from knowledge transfer to value creation for local community and social good, for a more inclusive and sustainable Singapore together.”

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