Huawei Cloud Next-generation Flexible Compute: 2x Performance, Leapfrog Experience

DONGGUAN, China, March 28, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Huawei Cloud hosted its APAC Partner Connection Summit 2024 in Dongguan, a two-day event from March 26 to 27 themed “Accelerate Intelligence with Everything as a Service.” Partners present were updated on Huawei Cloud’s ecosystem strategy and partner policies. Huawei Cloud also introduced a product portfolio for SMBs, including HECS X Instance, HECS L instance, containers, and databases, which will be launched in April. Among them, the star product HECS X Instance is Huawei Cloud’s new solution purpose-built for flexible computing. It offers two times the performance at the same specifications and the leapfrog experience at an affordable price.

Jet Liu, Director of Huawei Cloud Operation Dept
Jet Liu, Director of Huawei Cloud Operation Dept

Flexible Specifications to Satisfy Business Needs
HECS X Instance marks how Huawei Cloud is supporting the shift from elastic computing to flexible computing to meet customer needs with adaptive compute on demand. With HECS X Instance, you can choose from more than 100 custom specifications. Alkaid, a smart cloud brain, enables distributed scheduling across millions of servers globally.

Performance Accelerated by Large Models
HECS X Instances assure performance with large models. Server performance degradation is a common issue in the industry. Applications could have the compute capacity they need only 30% of the time. HECS X Instance is the first of its kind to introduce the large models to collect performance metrics within seconds, detect QoS degradation, and automatically live migrate. Applications can now have all the needed compute capacity 95% of the time.

X-Turbo Acceleration: 2x Avg Speed and 6x Burst Speed
Optimizing the configuration manually can be a daunting task, especially when dealing with a large number of parameters. To address this issue, HECS X Instances run on Huawei Cloud EulerOS to enable AI optimization. Through iterative training, it identifies the optimal combination of key parameters, resulting in a performance boost of up to six times.

Live Upgrades Without Interruptions
On a traditional cloud platform, upgrading specifications often requires restarting VMs due to two issues. First, memory cannot be migrated to a new physical server. Second, operating systems cannot detect dynamically added CPUs or memory. However, HECS X Instances, powered by the QingTian architecture and EulerOS, are the industry-first cloud servers to support live migration on the public cloud without disrupting ongoing services.

Huawei Cloud APAC

Huawei Cloud not only focuses on its star products but also creates a growth flywheel that encompasses products, marketing, sales, and operations. The company also increases its investment in partners and collaborates with them to shape a new market landscape. Jet Liu, Director of Huawei Cloud Operation Dept, explained the all-round support that Huawei Cloud provides to its partners. “The upcoming product portfolio will offer you a lightweight experience. We will provide 70% more MDF for partners and assign dedicated PSAs to help double partners’ revenue. We will also assist partners with go-to-market efforts by assigning experts to help run member circles. At the operational level, Phecda, our data intelligence platform, will be your next growth insight engine.”


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