Huawei Cloud Solutions Transforming Enterprises with Cutting-edge Solutions

Huawei Cloud at the forefront of digital transformation, offering innovative solutions that revolutionise cloud computing, advanced database management, and data analytics.

SINGAPORE, March 8, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Huawei Cloud Singapore is driving digital transformation with its groundbreaking solutions encompassing Huawei Cloud Stack, GaussDB, and DataArts. These solutions not only provide secure and reliable cloud services to local data centres serving enterprise markets, but also ensure efficient and secure data processing, covering integration to security, which was showcased at the Huawei Cloud TechDay in Singapore.

 The Huawei Cloud TechDay Singapore 2024 took place at Marina Bay Sands under the theme Navigating the Data Era with Huawei Cloud and AI Enablement Smart Campus. With a focus on empowering businesses with cutting-edge technology, Huawei Cloud Stack, GaussDB, and DataArts represent the pinnacle of digital transformation solutions. The event goal is to delve into the cutting-edge realms and enable greater applications of cloud technology and to engage, and empower attendees with the latest innovations reshaping industries. Cloud technology has become a necessary IT infrastructure for thousands of industries, with Hybrid Cloud now widely used by enterprises because of its many advantages, such as flexible deployment, low cost, maximum integration of existing assets, and service innovation. The event was joined in total of 80 C-suite level in the Education, Commercial, Enterprises industries.

Tan Shi Jie, Vice President of Solution Sales, Huawei Cloud APAC
Tan Shi Jie, Vice President of Solution Sales, Huawei Cloud APAC

Tan Shi Jie, Vice President of Solution Sales, Huawei Cloud APAC emphasised the critical role of cloud services in facilitating enterprise growth and embracing the intelligent future of the cloud. 

“We understand the pressing need for robust cloud solutions that empower organizations to adapt to the rapidly changing digital landscape. As leaders in guiding customers through digital transformation, Huawei Cloud Stack, GaussDB, MRS, DWS and DataArts provide businesses with the tools needed to overcome challenges and seize opportunities in the digital age,” said Tan Shi Jie.

“These solutions epitomise our dedication to delivering innovative cloud services and quality experiences that address the evolving needs of enterprises – driving efficiency, enhancing productivity, and achieving strategic goals. By leveraging the power of the cloud, we empower businesses with successful ICT transformation, embarking on a journey towards sustainable growth and success.”

In today’s business landscape, the integration of enterprise intelligence and big data services has become imperative. Huawei Cloud Stack is a game-changer in cloud computing, offering unparalleled flexibility and scalability for enterprises seeking to optimize operations. Leveraging advanced infrastructure and features, Huawei Cloud Stack enables organisation’s to harness innovation and surpass technological complexity.

Recognised as a global financial hub, Singapore demands unmatched reliability and performance in database management. Huawei Cloud GaussDB meets this demand as a new-generation distributed database, meticulously engineered to cater to modern enterprise needs. With key features such as intra-city dual-cluster RPO of 0 and the cutting-edge Ustore storage engine, Huawei Cloud GaussDB ensures uninterrupted service and exceptional performance even under heavy workloads, while setting the industry standard for security due to its prestigious CC EAL4+ certification – the highest level in the industry. Beyond its robust performance and security, Huawei Cloud GaussDB security standards and intelligent features streamline operations and enhance overall efficiency that will, in turn, allow businesses to perform beyond expectations on various levels.

DataArts Studio, part of Huawei Cloud, transforms data management for Smart Campuses and the Financial sector. It efficiently integrates diverse data sources, simplifying processes with visualized operations. For Smart Campuses, it unifies data sources, accelerates knowledge base construction, and streamlines governance without coding. In finance, it ensures secure and traceable data, setting industry standards. DataArts Studio breaks down data silos, offering a unified platform for streamlined governance and strategic decision-making. Leveraging enterprise intelligence, it reduces costs and provides real-time, flexible data development for both Smart Campuses and financial enterprises

In addition to unveiling these groundbreaking innovations, Huawei Cloud Singapore emphasised its strategic commitment to integrating cloud-native technologies. As digital transformation continues to gather momentum worldwide, it enters a new era driven by the rapid evolution of cloud technologies. Looking forward, Huawei is dedicated to making sustained investments and fostering collaborations with an expanded network of customers and partners globally. This concerted effort aims to advance cloud technology even further, facilitating national digital transformations among enterprises and catalysing significant contributions to economic growth. Huawei’s ongoing dedication to innovation ensures that enterprises will have access to cutting-edge solutions that foster growth, efficiency, and competitiveness in the dynamic digital landscape.


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