Hyundai Motor Revives Vintage Seoul with PONY Heritage Model in ZEPETO 3D Avatar Universe

  • Hyundai Motor launches ‘Timeless Seoul’ in ZEPETO, a global trending 3D avatar-based social networking platform
  • ZEPETO users travel back to the 1970s and 1980s era in South Korea, themed around the iconic PONY, Korea’s first independently developed car model, and Hyundai Motor’s rich heritage
  • Hyundai Motor expands brand heritage campaign to a global scale, opening ZEPETO offline events in ASEAN countries along with the online content launch

SEOUL, South Korea, March 6, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Hyundai Motor Company is extending its brand heritage campaign worldwide by launching new retro-themed content on ZEPETO, a global trending 3D avatar-based social networking platform, and through offline events in ASEAN countries.

Hyundai Motor launches ‘Timeless Seoul’ in ZEPETO themed around the iconic PONY and the brand's heritage
Hyundai Motor launches ‘Timeless Seoul’ in ZEPETO themed around the iconic PONY and the brand’s heritage

The ZEPETO content and ASEAN offline events will focus on the iconic PONY – Korea’s first independently developed mass-production car model – and the rich heritage of the Hyundai Motor brand. This initiative builds upon last year’s successful Hyundai Reunion, ‘PONY, the timeless’ exhibition and pony‘ song collaboration.

The virtual world on ZEPETO, named ‘Timeless Seoul,’ transports users back to Seoul in its vibrant 70s and 80s era when the PONY was South Korea’s most popular car. Users can explore retro K-culture elements, such as old vinyl record shops and mom-and-pop shops, and interact with wearable accessories and themed photo zones that are set up for posting on social media.

Hyundai Motor invites the global Gen Z audience to rediscover the iconic PONY, a timeless symbol of the company’s heritage. Through an immersive experience that redesigns old K-culture from retro perspective, the younger generation will build a natural and engaging connection with the PONY’s enduring legacy.

Mixed with a captivating retro aesthetic, the PONY serves as a unique brand touchpoint, seamlessly bridging the brand’s history to the latest IONIQ 5, which proudly carries forward PONY’s design DNA.

To further engage with ZEPETO’s high popularity in ASEAN countries, Hyundai Motor will hold offline events at the Bangkok International Motor Show 2024 (March 25April 7) and at Hyundai Motorstudio Senayan Park in Indonesia (March 28April 11). Visitors can step inside the real-life ZEPETO photo zones and share their pictures and stories on social media for a chance to win special prizes.

More information about ‘Timeless Seoul’ ZEPETO content can be found on Hyundai’s worldwide social channels (Instagram or Facebook) or the Hyundai Motor Official Website.


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