InsureMO partners with MoneyHero Group to create the premiere digital insurance aggregation and comparison platform in Greater Southeast Asia


SINGAPORE, April 2, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — InsureMO is thrilled to announce its strategic partnership with MoneyHero Limited (NASDAQ: MNY) to create the premiere digital insurance aggregation and comparison platform in Greater Southeast Asia.

InsureMO’s cutting-edge middleware platform has been seamlessly integrated into MoneyHero’s ecosystem, enabling consumers across Greater Southeast Asia to easily discover, compare, and purchase unbiased, transparent, and tailored insurance policies. Through this collaboration, MoneyHero continues to strengthen its position as the premiere digital insurance aggregation and comparison platform in Greater Southeast Asia. As the fintech sector continues to evolve, MoneyHero remains committed to delivering unmatched value and convenience to its users, driving innovation and growth in the region.

Rohith Murthy, CEO of MoneyHero Group, said: “Our strategy, favoring ‘buying over building’ the cutting-edge technology solutions to enhance our platform, accelerates our market entry and organizational learning. This approach has significantly contributed to the success of our end-to-end journeys. We are not just changing how insurance is bought and sold; we are redefining the customer experience altogether.”

InsureMO is proud to be a part of MoneyHero’s larger growth strategy, leveraging its innovative solutions to efficiently bring new and enhanced products to users while unlocking growth opportunities. Rajat Sharma, CRO at InsureMO, expressed his excitement about the collaboration, saying, “MoneyHero stands as the trusted beacon for consumers navigating their personal insurance journeys in Southeast Asia. We are thrilled to bring our InsureMO technology to enrich the MoneyHero ecosystem and look forward to setting new benchmarks for the 3Vs (volume, variation, and velocity) of digital business across the globe.”

At InsureMO, its mission is to help businesses create, connect, and innovate with insurance and protection products. With a proven track record of managing over 65 million policies within 24 hours and facilitating more than US$25 billion in Gross Written Premium (GWP) through its cloud platform, they empower insurers to transform their operations and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

InsureMO is a global powerhouse in insurance technology, revolutionizing the industry across more than 40 countries. Its state-of-the-art platform is capable of seamlessly handling 1.2 billion API calls daily, showcasing our robust capabilities and unparalleled expertise.

InsureMO offers an extensive library of over 5000+ ready products, 2000+ insurance APIs, and 1000 non-insurance services, providing unmatched flexibility and customization options for our 500+ customers, including 300 global carriers. Our 6000+ distribution channels allow us to power global ecosystems such as Auto & Mobility, Banks, Payments and Fintechs, Health, Travel, Pet Care, Telecom, Brokers & Agents, SMB, Gig Economy, and more.

About InsureMO:

InsureMO is a global insurance infrastructure platform revolutionizing insurance distribution. With unparalleled scalability and agility, InsureMO empowers organizations to navigate the complex insurance landscape with ease. Through its cutting-edge platform-as-a-service model, InsureMO delivers the tools needed to drive innovation and efficiency in insurance brokerage.

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About MoneyHero Group

MoneyHero Limited (NASDAQ: MNY), formerly known as Hyphen Group or CompareAsia Group, is a market leader in the online personal finance and insurance aggregation and comparison sector in Greater Southeast Asia. The Company operates in Singapore, Hong Kong SAR, Taiwan region, the Philippines, and Malaysia with respective brands for each local market. To learn more about MoneyHero and how the innovative fintech company is driving APAC’s digital economy, please visit


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