Intelligent Baby Care: Explore Paris Rhône Advanced 2K HD Video Baby Monitor

PARIS, March 22, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Paris Rhône, a century-old household brand that continues to innovate baby monitoring solutions, is now offering an early bird discount of at least $60 off on its recently-launched baby monitor with app for today’s busy parents.

Launched in February of 2024, Paris Rhône best baby monitor revolutionizes parenting experience with a comprehensive of innovative features including leading 2K picture-perfect quality, clear night vision, split-screen, smart AI tracking and more. If you’re seeking an ultimate parenting essential, look no further than Paris Rhône. You can grab the Paris Rhône smart baby monitor with the code “STARIN60” at only $99.99 now.

Let’s delve into the exceptional features of Paris Rhône video baby monitor and start safer and smarter parenting.

Stunning 2K HD Quality

With the advanced 2K resolution of Paris Rhône baby camera, you can see your little one’s every action and facial expression in breathtaking detail. Capture every precious moment with sharp detail, from your baby’s playful antics to peaceful sleep. Record memorable milestones like first crawls, stands, and words effortlessly, with ample storage up to 256GB on the SD card, ensuring you never miss a special development.

Split-Screen Convenience

Say goodbye to the hassle of constantly switching between watching your baby sleep and checking on your toddler at play. With the Paris Rhône baby monitor camera, you can effortlessly view two separate video feeds on the same screen. Keep a close eye on both of your children, even when they are in different rooms, with a single glance. This video baby monitor ensures their safety while empowering you to handle multiple tasks with ease.

Intelligent AI Tracking

Built-in high-precision sensor, the Paris Rhône infant monitor detects your baby’s movements or cries and instantly sends you alerts via your smartphone and monitor screen, enabling you to feel secure in being aware that you are constantly connected with your little one.

Crisp Nighttime Checkup

Adopting the invisible infrared light, the baby monitor WiFi provides a clear line of vision even in the dark, so you can easily watch over your baby without needing to frequently enter their room and risk disturbing their sound sleep.

Intuitive App Control

Thanks to the user-friendly app, you can flexibly check in on your child on your phone anytime from anywhere, whether you’re in the next room, at the office, or travelling. The video baby monitor with phone app allows easy access to a wide range of functions like 2K HD resolution app display, instant alerts, two-way audio communication, three-person remote voice calls, camera angle adjustment, video recording, photo capture, lullaby playback, night light customization, etc.

Stay Connected & Closer

The WiFi baby monitor enables you to keep in touch with your child and your loved ones with the three-person remote voice call function on the app. Soothe your child or share updates with your partner in real time no matter where you are.

Clear Two-Way Communication

Experience seamless two-way communication through this baby monitor with app and screen, allowing you to comfort your baby remotely with just a click, bringing you peace of mind even when you’re physically apart.

Environmentally-Friendly Parenting

Equipped with an energy-efficient screen, the Paris Rhône baby monitor with WiFi operates for up to a week on a single charge. Monitor your baby effectively without concerns about battery longevity or wasteful energy consumption.

Enhanced Privacy Protection

Rest assured with the Paris Rhône baby monitor‘s advanced AES-128 encryption for privacy and security. Establish a secure connection to safeguard your baby’s room from unauthorized access and maintain the confidentiality of your interactions.

Additional Features for All Your Needs

In addition to the features mentioned above, the Paris Rhône video baby monitor with app offers a feeding reminder to help you maintain a healthy routine. Enjoy real-time monitoring of room temperature and humidity levels, personalized night light options, and a selection of 14 comforting lullabies for creating an ideal sleep environment for your baby.

Mary, a delighted customer shared, “As a new mom, this high-tech baby monitor has become an invaluable tool in my daily routine. The 2K HD resolution makes a big difference in keeping an eye on my little one. The clarity and detail in the video feed help me feel more secure and connected despite being in another room. It gives me peace of mind knowing that I can monitor my baby’s sleep, movements, and sounds, which helps me respond quickly to any needs or concerns. It greatly reduces my anxiety and helps me balance personal health while caring for my newborn.”

Whether you want to monitor your child while doing housework, rest knowing your kid is sleeping comfortably, or even check in remotely while you’re away, the Paris Rhône baby monitor with camera and audio boasts advanced features to enhance your parenting experience. Use the code “STARIN60” to purchase the single camera at the special price of US$99.99 on the Paris Rhône website. Don’t miss out on the exclusive offer.

About Paris Rhône

Since 1915, Paris Rhône has been dedicated to innovating user-friendly household appliances that enrich customers’ lives globally. Embodying “Bettering Your Life,” Paris Rhône specializes in the smart and practical parenting solutions like the advanced 2K HD Video Baby Monitor, simplifying childcare for busy parents and caregivers. Enjoy stress-free parenting with Paris Rhône smart baby monitors and cherish every minute with your little ones. To learn more, please visit

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