Lahome Redefines Home Fashion with Dazzling Debut at Paris Fashion Week

PARIS, March 11, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Lahome, a home decor brand renowned for its fusion of fashion aesthetics and cozy washable rugs, has made waves at Paris Fashion Week. By participating in the fashion show of INTERDEE, an affordable luxury independent fashion brand, Lahome demonstrated a harmonious fusion of stylish elegance and comfortable living.

Lahome Redefines Home Fashion with Dazzling Debut at Paris Fashion Week
Lahome Redefines Home Fashion with Dazzling Debut at Paris Fashion Week

Lahome is a brand specializing in washable rugs, with a strong emphasis on the fusion of stylish aesthetic design and comfort. The brand is dedicated to assisting families, pet owners, and busy individuals in crafting superior, affordable, and convenient home environments. This commitment enables customers to invest their precious time in pursuits that hold more significance for them.

“Fashion and comfort are not mutually exclusive, but rather, they should coexist harmoniously. Lahome’s rugs serve as a bridge between these two realms, demonstrating that comfort and a sense of home are vital, even in the most high-end fashion settings,” said Sasha, the founder of Lahome. “Lahome’s core values revolve around creating a warm and comfortable atmosphere, whether it’s at home or in a busy workplace. Our interpretation of a good life extends beyond physical comfort, placing a strong emphasis on emotional well-being and spiritual tranquility.”

As a sponsor of INTERDEE, Lahome’s rugs graced the backstage area during the INTERDEE show rehearsals. Amidst the bustling and high-strung atmosphere of the rehearsals, Lahome’s rugs offered a cozy retreat for designers, models, and their pets. Moreover, the show venue was adorned with a stunning wall of Lahome rugs, serving as a backdrop. Visitors were encouraged to take photos with the wall and share them on social media.

The venue also featured a DIY rug area, inviting visitors to engage in hands-on experiences like Tufting. With on-site staff assistance, visitors created designs, taking home their creations as keepsakes. They also contributed to a unique, commemorative brand logo tapestry, adding personal touches inspired by French culture and architecture.

Moreover, Lahome’s unique rugs transformed into fashion accessories, brought to life by models on Paris streets. This fusion of art and fashion was captured by Chang Kai, a renowned director, artist, photographer, and regular chronicler of fashion weeks. His unique perspective and exceptional photography, combined with the models’ high-fashion sense, highlighted Lahome’s fashionable allure, marking the start of Lahome’s European fashion journey.

Lahome has been committed to crafting stylish, affordable, and high-quality washable rugs and home furnishings that inspire warm, inviting home environments. What sets Lahome’s rugs apart are its aesthetic design, easy care, and friendliness to pets and children.

Lahome’s design team, attuned to popular trends and aesthetics, collaborates with top-notch designers and artists. This synergy results in products that embody diverse aesthetics and modern comfort, earning the brand a trusted reputation in the industry. The brand’s rugs, designed for modern life, are machine washable, offering convenience and cost-effectiveness. Moreover, they are soft, safe, and eco-friendly, offering a warm, soft touch, with a non-slip design for safety. Made from plant fibers, the Lahome’s rugs are free from harmful chemicals. Their fine craftsmanship and tight edging prevent shedding, making them perfect for homes with children and pets.

About Lahome
Lahome is a home and lifestyle brand that aims to create stylish, affordable quality washable rugs and home furnishings that inspire warm, inviting home environments. The brand believes in fostering style and comfort for all. For more than ten years, Lahome has achieved efficient production of high-quality rugs with its profound industry experience and strong supply chain and has won the appreciation of millions of families. The brand now is a top seller on Amazon, ranking in the top 3, and has received much positive customer feedback.

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