Laifen Launches the Laifen Wave Electric Toothbrush, a Revolutionary New Oral Health and Wellness Experience

Laifen’s Newest Self-Care Innovation is Now Available to Purchase in the U.S.

HONG KONG, March 5, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Laifen, a renowned leader in personal care appliances, is pleased to announce that its pioneering dual-action electric toothbrush, the Laifen Wave, is now available to audiences in the United States. The Laifen Wave features a proprietary servo system that delivers unprecedented ultra-wide 60° oscillations and a max of 66,000 vibrations/min, achieving a 3x higher brushing efficiency[1] for healthier teeth.

Ahead of World Oral Health Day on March 20th, Laifen is committed to contributing to the awareness of good oral hygiene and its impact on overall body health. Knowing that new health and wellness appliances and practices are at the top of many people’s minds, the Laifen Wave is designed to align with the dentist-recommended Bass brushing method and provide excellent oral care in one complete package.

At the heart of Laifen’s technological innovation is an emphasis on more effective and intelligent self-care solutions. The Wave’s superior cleaning efficiency, seamless design and user-friendly customization sets it apart from legacy brands, giving consumers an accessible path to optimized oral hygiene.

Laifen Wave Key Features:

  • 60° Oscillation Combined with Vibration for a Deeper Clean
  • Modern Appearance, Seamless Single-Piece Design
  • Fully Customizable Brushing with 3 Settings / 10 Levels, Controlled by an Intuitive App
  • Long-Lasting Battery Life, Significantly Faster Charging, and Low Noise 
  • Premium Antibacterial Brush Heads

FDA Approval and Product Recognition:

The Laifen Wave has been approved by the FDA for sale in the United States. Amongst other awards and roundups, the Laifen Wave’s debut made an impression at CES, earning recognition in Phandroid’s Best of CES 2024 Awards, TWICE’s CES Picks Awards 2024, PCMag’s 10 Best Health and Fitness Devices of CES 2024, and The Hollywood Reporter’s 15+ Best Smart Home Tech. The Wave stood out for its cutting-edge technology, extensive customizability, inventive brushing method, and sleek design.

Pricing Details:

The Laifen Wave is now available on and Amazon. To learn more about the Laifen Wave, please visit

  • ABS (Plastic): $69.99 USD
  • Aluminum Alloy: $79.99 USD
  • Stainless Steel: $99.99 USD
  • Brush Head Replacements
    –    3-Pack: $9.99 USD
    –    6-Pack: $16.99 USD

[1] Laifen’s servo system can generate up to 6.1 watts, which is more powerful than a regular sonic vibration motor that can only reach 2 watts.

About Laifen
Founded in 2019, Laifen is an innovative technology company with years of experience in both R&D and manufacturing. Currently, Laifen’s advanced and efficient personal care appliances and accessories can be found in over seven million households worldwide. Laifen constantly challenges industry standards for performance and is committed to continuously exploring new possibilities and developing new technologies to provide users worldwide with exceptional experiences.

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