MiniTool Released MovieMaker 7.3.0 with New Audio Resources

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VANCOUVER, BC, April 19, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — MiniTool Software Limited has released a new version of its video making program – MiniTool MovieMaker 7.3.0 with brand-new resources to decorate videos effortlessly.

Changes in the new version:

  • Newly added Audio resources including music and sound effects.
  • Newly added overlay and love effects.
  • Newly added explosion, festival, nature, and travel elements.
  • Fixed the loading project file error after clearing caches.

The Brand-New Audio Tab Offers Various Songs and Sound Effects

MiniTool MovieMaker version 7.3.0 provides a completely new Audio tab resources providing lots of popular songs and amazing sound effects sorted in the following categories:

  • Classic
  • Happy
  • Hip Hop
  • Love
  • Travel
  • Vlog
  • Ambience
  • Fight
  • Horror

New Animated Elements Make Videos Trendy

MiniTool MovieMaker v7.3.0 also brings some new vivid elements for users to choose from. These latest additions align with the current season’s spirit, embracing springtime and the approaching Mother’s Day celebration. In addition to that, several explosion elements with smoke effect are also charming.

Find Love Hearts and Overlays in MiniTool MovieMaker 7.3

Moreover, MiniTool MovieMaker new version also collects some romantic hearts effects and cool overlays to satisfy users’ needs. In this beautiful spring, they won’t worry about how to tell their stories and show their happiness.

How to Take Advantage of These New Effects?

It is easy to make use of these fresh audio files, effects, or stickers and only a few steps are needed.

  1. Upload original video clips to the new version of MiniTool MovieMaker and put them onto the timeline in order.
  2. Then, choose a proper audio file from the list and click the download icon on it to acquire it.
  3. Next, drag and drop the downloaded new audio file to the audio track of the timeline.
  4. Add the favorite new effects or elements to the target video.
  5. Do some other edits to the video or audio clip like fade in or fade out the audio.
  6. Export the edited video with background music and fascinating visual effects.

Fixed the Error Related to Project Files for Better User Experience

Finally, MiniTool MovieMaker 7.3.0 fixed the project file loading error after clearing cache. Previously, attempting to open a project file with removed resources after a cache clear would result in an error. Now, the program will identify the issue and provide instructions to download the missing resources, ensuring correct display of the project file.

About MiniTool MovieMaker

MiniTool MovieMaker is a reliable and easy-to-use video editor developed by MiniTool Software Ltd. It allows you to create fascinating videos and movies with video clips, photos, as well as audio. With the decoration of various transitions, beautiful effects, professional filters, rich motions, flexible captions, funny stickers, as well as title and credits templates, MiniTool MovieMaker successfully makes your videos more vivid and interesting. Therefore, it boosts your confidence when sharing these videos with others on social media.

MiniTool MovieMaker can also enhance the color of your video by adjusting its contrast, saturation, and brightness; it allows you to apply film-style 3D LUT; flip or rotate the image; split/trim/crop the video; manage the video playback; fade in/out and change the volume of the audio… Most importantly, you can enjoy all these features freely without watermarks, add-ons, and bundles.

About MiniTool® Software Ltd.

MiniTool® Software Ltd. is a committed software development firm. It provides you with complete business software solutions in the video editing, data recovery, partition management, and PC tune up industry. For more information about MiniTool, please visit


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