BANGKOK, April 3, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — On March 28th, NETA Auto participated in the Bangkok International Book Fair 2024 held in Thailand. NETA Auto, as one of the representatives of China’s “Going-Global” strategy for enterprises, participated in this event. The NETA V-II was chosen as the designated vehicle for the 3rd Sino-Thai Cultural and Translation Publishing Forum, where it received widespread welcome and acclaim.

Founder and Chairman of NETA Auto, Fang Yunzhou, expressed that NETA is the only automotive brand named after a Chinese traditional mythological figure. The “NETA  Spirit” represents a new attempt and exploration of Chinese traditional culture in the new era, a firm confidence in Chinese civilization, a heartfelt commitment to the value of Tech for all, always upholding the vision of popularizing Smart EVs.

Inspired by the “NETA Spirit,” NETA has garnered the affection and recognition of 400,000 users worldwide, having entered markets such as Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia. The overseas market expansion roadmap has already extended to Europe, the Middle East, Latin America, and Africa.

On March 29th, at the NETA’s Thailand factory in Bangkok, production of the NETA V-II, a five-seat spacious intelligent pure electric SUV, is progressing rapidly.

NETA Auto's Thailand Factory Visit Event Scene
NETA Auto’s Thailand Factory Visit Event Scene

During the factory visit event, NETA Auto signed the first batch of 100 NETA V-II key customer orders, marking a strong start to the sales of this new car in Thailand.

NETA Auto Signs the First Batch of Large Orders for the NETA V-II
NETA Auto Signs the First Batch of Large Orders for the NETA V-II

The distinguished guests experienced the localized production at NETA Auto’s Thailand factory, sensing the factory’s technological leadership, and witnessing NETA Auto’s firm determination to deepen its presence in the ASEAN and global markets.

Thailand is the initial destination for NETA’s overseas expansion. Within just 19 months since its launch in Thailand, NETA has acquired over 14,000 Thai users, capturing nearly 20% market share in Thailand’s pure electric vehicle market. Its models, embodying the value of Tech for All, have received enthusiastic responses locally, ranking in the top 3 in Thailand’s pure electric vehicle sales since last year, with orders continuing to grow.

As an advocate for high-quality smart electric vehicles globally and a promoter of Chinese culture, NETA Auto embodies high technology, high-added value, and represents a leading force in green transformation. On its path to globalization, NETA is evolving from “China’s NETA” to “The World’s NETA.”

About NETA Auto

NETA Auto, a brand of Hozon New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. (Hozon), is a leading innovator in the smart electric vehicle industry. With a focus on “Tech for all” and “Make intelligent EVs for all,” NETA Auto develops high-quality electric vehicles and cutting-edge technologies. Its lineup includes popular models like NETA GT, NETA S, NETA X, NETA AYA (NETA V-II), and NETA V. NETA Auto is dedicated to the mass consumer market, introducing new models each year and covering the mainstream A0-B segments. The brand has also developed the “Shanhai Platform,” an intelligent and safe car platform, and the HOZI Technology brand, meeting user demands and promoting accessibility to advanced technology.


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