The groundbreaking upgrade has resulted in significant improvements to the efficiency and output of PacificLight’s power plant.

SINGAPORE, April 12, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — PacificLight has successfully completed the Advanced Turbine Efficiency Package (ATEP) at its power plant on Jurong Island, marking a significant step towards a carbon-lite future for Singapore.

PacificLight and Siemens Energy executed an agreement to implement the upgrade in March 2021, which was the first ATEP agreement in Asia. The 4-stage upgrade of the plant’s turbine blades involved the installation of new hot gas path parts, advanced profiling and aero features, ultra-efficient internal cooling and sealing, optimised stage loading, advanced materials, and manufacturing methods to deliver higher operational efficiency. The first phase of the ATEP was completed in 2023 and the final phase was completed in February 2024.

Following the upgrade, PacificLight’s plant has increased its total power output by 30MW and improved efficiency, such that it is the first plant in Singapore to exceed 60% efficiency. The success of the ATEP reinforces PacificLight’s standing as one of the most efficient gas-fired power plants operating in Asia. The ATEP upgrade has resulted in an annual carbon emission reduction of over 60,000 tonnes, equivalent to taking over 9,300 cars off the road every year.

“The significant efficiency and output improvements that the ATEP has delivered will further support our company’s ambitions to reduce our carbon emissions. Our successful partnership with Siemens Energy was first established over 14 years ago and we are grateful to have a like-minded partner like Siemens Energy who shares our belief in maximising efficiency for a more sustainable energy landscape,” said PacificLight Power Pte Ltd CEO, Mr Yu Tat Ming.

Senior Vice President and Managing Director of Siemens Energy in Asia Pacific, Mr. Thorbjörn Fors, adds: “I am proud that the outcomes of ATEP have exceeded expectations on both counts – in terms of efficiency improvements, as well as estimated carbon savings. We are committed to building upon our long-standing partnership with PacificLight and continuing to energise Singapore sustainably.”

About PacificLight

PacificLight is a Singapore-based power generation and electricity retail company that has been operating since 2013 and generates close to 10% of Singapore’s annual electricity demand. The company’s power generation facility at Jurong Island is one of the most efficient and reliable combined cycle power plants operating in Singapore. The 830MW plant comprises of two blocks of natural gas fired, Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (“CCGT”) generating units. PacificLight is owned by shareholders under the First Pacific Group and Meralco PowerGen Corporation.

Through its Sustainergy program, PacificLight actively supports its businesses customers to decarbonise through the installation of smart energy solutions and solar infrastructure.

As part of PacificLight’s drive to embrace a low-carbon future, the company is also developing a 600MW solar import project as part of a consortium with Medco Power Global Pte Ltd and Gallant Venture Ltd. from Bulan Island, Indonesia to Singapore.


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