People’s voice, people’s lives: About China’s whole-process people’s democracy

BEIJING, March 12, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — A news report from on China’s “two sessions”:

People’s voice, people’s lives: About China’s whole-process people’s democracy

During the just-concluded “two sessions,” more than 7,000 suggestions from deputies have been submitted to the secretariat of the second session of the 14th National People’s Congress (NPC). But, do these suggestions truly reflect people’s concerns? Can the “two sessions” bring these suggestions to fruition? To answer these questions, let’s first hear some stories about how the NPC deputies perform their duties.

On the birth of “suggestions”: NPC deputy Li Ziwei is a senior teacher at Liaoyang Special Education School. For 17 years, she has devoted herself to the education and personal growth of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). After Li was elected as an NPC deputy, she has been assiduous in field research and visited ASD households, to collect concerns from parents of ASD patients and the feedback from the general public. Through these efforts, she realized that gaps still exist in China’s policies supporting adult ASD patients. Therefore, at this year’s “two sessions,” Li Ziwei put forth a suggestion about the development of adults with ASD, hoping relevant policies will be made to help them get employed.

On the development of the suggestions: NPC deputy Liu Ting has focused on old-age care and submitted corresponding suggestions for four years in a row. Last year, Liu Ting suggested that the purchase and renting of assistive products should be covered by insurance, because for many disabled and partially disabled elderly, assistive products such as household nursing beds and stair climbers are necessities. To improve the situation, Liu Ting visited over 20 cities and learned all about the existing problems in assistive products’ rental services under long-term care insurance. This year, Liu refined his suggestion and concentrated on rental services for aged care related assistive products, which are more pertinent to the daily lives of senior citizens and can meet their diversified needs.

On the implementation of the suggestions: Last year, NPC deputy Wu De, who is also the president of Sichuan Agricultural University, proposed that services concerning youth employment should be improved, and youth access channels to employment information should be broadened, especially for the graduates with actual challenges. Wu has been following the updates on the implementation of his suggestion. After considering specific suggestions, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security aptly adopted various measures. For example, they have incentivized employers to hire more fresh graduates and provided targeted positions for young people including college graduates. Wu is satisfied with these measures. He said that the people in charge confronted the problems, responded with positive attitudes, and helped carry out effective policies.

After extensive field research, the NPC deputies who are elected by the people, rooted in the people, and represent the people, have dug out the actual concerns of the people, submitted them to the NPC with pragmatic suggestions, followed up on all updates, and gave the solutions and feedback back to the people.

In China, people’s voices can be heard, and the lives of Chinese people are being constantly improved.

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People’s voice, people’s lives: About China’s whole-process people’s democracy


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