Pixso – Revolutionary UI/UX Collaboration Tool Releases Lifetime Plan to Global Users

VANCOUVER, BC, April 12, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Pixso, the revolutionary UI/UX collaboration design tool of Boyun Tech Ltd., is thrilled to launch its Lifetime Plan, offering designers and teams an unparalleled opportunity to harness the full power of Pixso’s suite of tools for a one-time payment. With this offer, users can shed the burden of recurring monthly or annual fees and adopt a forward-looking design experience that adapts to their evolving needs. 

Pixso - Revolutionary UI/UX Collaboration Tool Releases Lifetime Plan to Global Users
Pixso – Revolutionary UI/UX Collaboration Tool Releases Lifetime Plan to Global Users

A New Era in UI/UX Design and Collaboration 

In a landscape where designers are constantly seeking innovative solutions, Pixso emerges as a competitive newcomer in the UI/UX design sector. Distinguished by its integrated workflow that consolidates project management, collaborative design, and prototype delivery into one globally accessible platform, Pixso offers professionals and teams a seamless and efficient UI/UX design process. Its unique pricing strategy, the Pixso Lifetime Plan, further distinguishes it, providing users with unparalleled value and flexibility. 

Main Features of Pixso: All-In-One Platform of UI/UX Design 

Pixso’s Lifetime Plan offers a comprehensive UI/UX design experience that reshapes creativity and collaboration: 

– Seamless Integration of Design and Prototyping: Pixso serves as a holistic platform where UI/UX design, prototype interaction, and developer mode converge seamlessly, empowering designers to transition effortlessly from concept to coding. 

– Real-Time Collaboration: With Pixso, multiple members can collaborate simultaneously on projects, facilitating real-time adjustments and decisions to maintain project momentum. 

– Unlimited Whiteboard Files: Pixso provides unlimited capacity for whiteboard files, crucial for team management and idea organization. 

– AI-Powered Design Enhancements: Pixso leverages AI capabilities to accelerate the design process, from image and icon generation to providing design inspiration and language translation. 

– Extensive Design Resource Library: Equipped with a vast library of freely accessible design resources, Pixso provides a treasure trove of templates, icons, and elements to expedite the design process. 

Lifetime Plan Highlights 

  • Unlimited Access: Gain lifetime access to Pixso’s design and whiteboard tools, ensuring uninterrupted creativity without the hassle of subscription renewals.
  • Scalable Team Sizes: From solo designers to large teams, it accommodates various team sizes, supporting up to 30 team members in the premium tier.
  • Storage and AI Credits: Enjoy generous whiteboard and design file capacities and AI credits.
  • Continuous Innovation: Lifetime plan holders will automatically be granted access to upgrades for all future free features.
  • Special Offers: Pixso is offering an unprecedented limited-time discount on its lifetime plan tiers for global users.

Price and Free Trial for Pixso’ Lifetime Plan 

For a trial experience and detail plans, please visit Pixso or follow Pixso on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

About Pixso 

Pixso is an online UI/UX design platform dedicated to seamlessly blending collaborative design tools with an online whiteboard. The Pixso crew is committed to addressing the collaborative requirements of product teams worldwide. With a focus on teamwork, innovation, and project management, Pixso offers a comprehensive suite of services, including design tools, digital whiteboard, AI assistance, and enterprise-level support. 

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