Quantum Volts and Emergence Innovative to form strategic alliance for EV charging innovations

SINGAPORE, March 13, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — In a strategic move, Quantum Volts Pte Ltd, Singapore will form a strategic alliance with Emergence Innovative Sdn. Bhd Malaysia and will enter into a mutually beneficial partnership to scale the electrification scene in the global arena.

Quantum Volts and Emergence Innovative to form strategic alliance for EV charging innovations.
Quantum Volts and Emergence Innovative to form strategic alliance for EV charging innovations.

Quantum Volts Pte Ltd’s  CEO Mr. Lawrence Oei announced on 12 March 2024, that it has signed an Memorandum of Understanding with Mr. Kray Chong, founder of Emergence Innovative Sdn. Bhd.(EI) , a Malaysia-based company that develops, manufactures, deploys and maintain EV chargers. Subject to the satisfaction of various closing conditions, both companies will form a strategic partnership for business development opportunities, sales support, technology share window, with work leading towards a potential joint-venture. Since its founding in 2019, EI has been engaged in designing, manufacturing and deploying her AC/DC charging solution in both private and commercial sites across various cities in Malaysia. The company has released a number of innovative charging products for EVs, including the development of OCPP-compliant command and payment suite.

Quantum Volts jointly seek to integrate her proprietary web 3.0 technology platform Kloutsuite into the business equation. EI’s products have been selected for numerous prestigious condominiums, commercial office premises, including Sunway group and have been praised by local authority for their innovation and superb reliability and safety features.

With this partnership, the strength of Quantum Volts, which has high reliability in commercial productisation, software development innovations, user experience expertise, strong consortium affiliations seek to synergize her business expertise with EI, which has cultivated know-how in charging product designs, including proprietary charge-safe technology and payment APIs. This move will enable both companies the development of distinctive products to effect a multi-modal charging and swapping ecosystem of solution in both countries and beyond.

While making the most of the business foundations and networks of both companies, both parties aim to develop the professional solutions involving wired, wireless and swapping mode of vehicle electrification, which is expected to expand in the future. Both parties agreed on the desire to be close to customers and provide an international experience that will exceed expectations, and this agreement was reached. Quantum Volts will continue to contribute to the enabling of extensive demand generation of her lead in development of universal compatibility for the charging infrastructure in the field of battery packaging, battery management system, vehicle drive train optimization and city data analytics with the aim of further expanding the adoption of electrical two-wheelers in Asia and Europe.


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