Ragnarok Landverse Announces US$100,000 Prize Pool for Dragon Legacy Major!

SINGAPORE, Jan. 31, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Yet another news-worthy announcement from one of the most popular web3 games, Maxion, the web3 developer for Ragnarok Landverse has announced the commencement of its highly-anticipated large scale PVP tournament, Dragon Legacy Major!

Ragnarok Landverse Announces US$100,000 Prize Pool for Dragon Legacy Major!
Ragnarok Landverse Announces US$100,000 Prize Pool for Dragon Legacy Major!

Dragon Legacy Major is Ragnarok Landverse’s latest guild vs guild tournament, boasting a generous total prize pool of US$100,000! In this vast battlefield, guilds will compete against one another in an attempt to capture castles and score points. Dragon Legacy Major Tournament will feature two seasons and a grand championship, with the first season starting this Sunday, 4th February! The first season of Dragon Legacy Major will be held every Sunday in February and March, and will feature a mini Zone vs Zone battle on April 14th and 21st!

For people new to web3 games, Ragnarok Landverse is the official web3 crypto game built on the “Ragnarok Online” IP. Integrating both web2 and web3 features seamlessly, Ragnarok Landverse easily makes it to the top list of web3 games in 2024, and now features Ragnarok classes up to class 2-2. Perfect for audiences new to web3, Ragnarok Landverse has web3 explained, answering questions like “What are web3 games” or “How does web3 work”, and so on.

Maxion, the developer of Ragnarok Landverse, has been constantly pushing for a grand tournament that players and spectators alike can enjoy, and the Dragon Legacy Major is a testament of their commitment to doing just that. Participating members can expect a fierce PVP battle where they can battle their hearts out and win heaps of luxurious rewards including large sums of ION and Adamantine Blessing.

To facilitate the launch of Dragon Legacy major, Maxion will be holding Guild War Support for 4 weeks during the period from 4 Feb to 25 Feb, giving out attractive rewards to participating guilds!

Guild War Support

During the event period from 4 Feb to 25 Feb, Guild War Support* will provide participating guilds a generous weekly amount of 150 ION worth US$150, along with a ton of consumables to help them advance through the levelling journey and emerge victorious in the Dragon Legacy major!

Participating guilds can earn ION during this event period by submitting YouTube clips and Guild War footage! Both YouTube clips and Guild War footage can be submitted weekly to earn up to a total of 600 ION, or US$600!

How to Earn Free ION Weekly

YouTube Clip
Submit a 6 – 10 minute clip to YouTube weekly and earn 100 ION.

Guild War Footage
Submit a minimum 1-hour Guild War footage with timestamps weekly for an additional 50 ION.

*Terms and conditions apply. Registration opens from 29 Jan to 29 Feb. Register your interest here and view Landverse news for more details!

On top of these PVP updates, players are in for a treat with an upcoming exclusive anime collaboration that promises to elevate your gaming journey. This collaboration will bring forth a whole new world with time-limited events, new maps, monsters, costumes and more!

Keep a lookout for more updates, and log in now to start playing!

Stay tuned to upcoming events and updates!
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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ROLandverseOfficial
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ROLandverse
Whitepaper: https://maxion-1.gitbook.io/ragnarok-landverse-whitepaper

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About Ragnarok Landverse

Ragnarok Landverse is a PC game that incorporates elements of the classic MMORPG, Ragnarok Online, with added blockchain features like the mining system, land system and NFT marketplace.  Ragnarok Landverse promotes a player-driven economy and incentivizes players who progress in-game.


MAXION PTE. LTD. is established in 2023 to publish the official Ragnarok Landverse globally.


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