Rebranded MAXHUB Opens Its First European Showroom in Amsterdam to Accelerate Customer and Partner Successes

BARCELONA, Spain, Jan. 31, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — MAXHUB, the global leader in integrated communication and display solutions, today at ISE 2024 announced its first European showroom in Amsterdam, the Netherlands as part of its recent rebranding.

Offering the next level of integrated solutions, MAXHUB aspires to create a hub where connections are instant, people are inspired, and businesses grow. We collaborate in a hyper-connected era, yet meaningful connections are hard to find. MAXHUB’s rebranding centers around its integration strategy and communicates the commitment to fostering meaningful connections that exchange ideas and move people.

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“MAXHUB blazes the trail with a unique brand positioning centered around integration,” remarked David Meng, President of Global Business Group, CVTE (MAXHUB’s holding company). “Integration, as our core product strategy, runs through the three pivotal stages of MAXHUB business expansion, supporting breakthrough innovations and delivering key values for our customers and partners.”

MAXHUB’s Integration strategy has showcased distinctive features throughout the three pivotal stages: initially, the introduction of all-in-one designs to the interactive flat panel product category, which established our prevalent market presence; secondly, the seamless connection among different product lineups that fabricated the MAXHUB solution, enabling users to collaborate and interact beyond meeting rooms and organizations; and lastly, compatibility and extendibility with third-party ecosystems, enabling us to collaborate closely with industry leaders to provide users with more professional and open solutions. Through the continuous advancement in these pivotal stages, MAXHUB established its global presence and forged significant partnerships with leaders including Microsoft.

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MAXHUB’s formidable competitive edge is anchored in its robust research and development, manufacturing, quality control, supply chain management, and global fulfillment network. At the core lies its central research institute dedicated to cutting-edge technological advancements, the industry-renowned testing facility C-labs. The agile supply chain system ensures a resilient sourcing and production network capable of weathering global changes.

With these capabilities in place, MAXHUB is well-positioned to respond swiftly to the diverse market demands across different regions. By actively pursuing a localized strategy in Europe, MAXHUB is not only able to reduce its service radius but also strengthen its connections with the frontline markets and customers. This proximity allows MAXHUB to keep the user feedback loop consistent, which is then incorporated into iterative improvements of products and features. Over the past two years, MAXHUB has assembled dedicated business and technical teams in key European countries.

“The recent inauguration of the new MAXHUB showroom in Amsterdam marks the initiation of the global rebranding rollout and underscores MAXHUB’s commitment to driving its localization efforts within Europe,” said Kevin Wang, Europe Sales Director at MAXHUB. “We are thrilled to elevate customer experiences and enrich fulfillment services across the entire product lifecycle. Our commitment is to cultivate success for our customers and partners, both now and in the future.”

The newly introduced Microsoft-certified MAXHUB XCore Kit and XT-10 Series testify to this promise. This series, now available in the European showroom, makes immersive bring-your-own-meeting (BYOM) collaboration and the Microsoft Teams Rooms deployment attainable to a broader customer base. By forging technical alliances, MAXHUB promotes and delivers solutions that are adaptive, progressive, and engaging.

To explore these innovations further, please visit MAXHUB at ISE 2024, booth #2P300.


MAXHUB is a global leader in integrated communication and display solutions. MAXHUB creates a technology hub where inspiration has the freedom to grow into meaningful connections. Centered around integration, MAXHUB provides the next-level integrated solutions for people to communicate, present, and collaborate.

MAXHUB, where inspiration moves ahead.

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