ROLLER Sets New Industry Standard with a Suite of Self-Service Features

Leading Attractions Tech Provider ROLLER Pioneers the Latest in Self-Service Convenience, Driving Revenue Growth for Operators

AUSTIN, Texas, March 26, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — In an era where technology shapes guest interactions, ROLLER, a global leader in leisure and attractions technology, continues to spearhead innovation by introducing a suite of self-service features. The new additions to ROLLER’s toolkit allow guests to manage their bookings and place food and beverage orders with minimal touchpoints. 

ROLLER’s deep understanding of the evolving standards for online and self-service experiences has driven the development of these features, setting a new benchmark for the attractions industry. The post-COVID world has witnessed a seismic shift towards contactless interactions, to the point where self-service is no longer a convenience but the new “norm.” ROLLER recognizes this change and is at the forefront of delivering solutions that truly empower businesses to take advantage of technological advancements.

ROLLER’s mobile food and beverage ordering feature allows guests to order F&B from their phone by simply scanning a QR code at their table. This offers guests greater convenience and operators an opportunity to increase spend per head, collect more data, and save on labor costs. In fact businesses using online ordering see an up to 33% increase in spend per guest. With the rising adoption of contactless ordering and the growing importance of F&B as a revenue stream in the attractions industry, this feature is an invaluable addition to ROLLER’s solutions. 

“ROLLER is dedicated to staying at the forefront of innovation in an age where technology is shaping how guests interact with attractions,” said Luke Finn, CEO & Founder at ROLLER. “Our new mobile food and beverage ordering feature is a testament to our commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions that help our customers grow their businesses and enable them to meet the changing demands of their guests.”

ROLLER customer, Gold Coast Wake Park, has begun using mobile food and beverage ordering and is already seeing the value. “We’re thrilled to partner with ROLLER and adopt their mobile food and beverage ordering feature. It’s a game-changer for us at Gold Coast Wake Park, as it not only saves us valuable time but also caters to our guests’ preferences. Whether they want to order from the counter or from their mobile devices, this technology has truly elevated our guest experience,” explained Dan Watkins, Owner of Gold Coast Wake Park.

Complementing the improved food and beverage ordering is ROLLER’s new online accounts feature, which allows guests to manage bookings with ease and reduces the administrative burden on operators. With online accounts, guests can create their own account during the online checkout process to adjust session times, change ticket dates, add items to their booking, upgrade or reactivate their membership, and more. 

ROLLER spoke to many operators who were being inundated with phone calls requesting their booking date or time be changed. For a venue receiving 100 daily phone calls at two minutes each, this equates to over 1,200 hours of staff effort each year spent manually editing bookings. Assuming the venue pays their staff an hourly rate of $15 USD, online accounts could save operators over $18,000 USD in staffing costs! 

This added convenience has been well received by ROLLER customers already using the feature. “ROLLER’s new online accounts feature is phenomenal. Our guests have the flexibility to edit their bookings when it suits them, rather than having to get in touch with our call center. Not only is it increasing customer satisfaction, but it’s saving us time and money on labor. We’ve already had almost 1,500 guests create online accounts in just a few months,” said Jake Cunningham, Group Digital Marketing Manager, TreeClimb.

Both of these new self-service features are built right into ROLLER’s venue management platform, eliminating the need for separate tools and ensuring a streamlined and efficient process. 

For more information on ROLLER’s self-service options, please visit their website here.


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