SANY Set to Showcase Its Cutting-edge Products in the Canada National Heavy Equipment Show

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SHANGHAI, April 3, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — SANY Group (“SANY”) is all set to make a significant splash at the highly anticipated biennial Canada National Heavy Equipment Show, from April 11 to 12 in Ontario, Canada. Recognized as the premier heavy equipment exhibition in Canada, this event brings together leading industry players to present their most recent innovations in machinery, technology, and services. Under the banner “Elevate Your Future with SANY,” SANY is ready to demonstrate its dedication to quality and innovation within the construction industry.

Elevate your future with SANY
Elevate your future with SANY

SANY as one of the sponsors will unveil 14 pieces of cutting-edge equipment in booth #2320. Among the key highlights are the SW305K wheel loader, SS270V skip steer loader, and STH1056 forklift, with each designed to redefine performance standards in their respective categories and specially tailored to the Canadian market.

  • The STH1056 forklift features a rated capacity of 10,000 lbs and a rated power of 121 hp. Constructed using high-strength steel and incorporating an advanced cooling system, the machine is engineered to endure more than 30,000 hours of rigorous operation, even in extreme temperatures as high as 45 degrees Celsius (113 degrees Fahrenheit), while preventing overheating.
  • With an operating weight of 32,222 lbs and a bucket capacity of 2.29 m2, the SW305K is built for better fuel efficiency by utilizing advanced hydraulic technology. Equipped with a roomy cabin with better AC performance, the machine also offers a safe and comfortable working environment.
  • With a rated operating capacity of 2,850 lbs and a rated power of 73 hp, SS270V is efficient and operator-friendly with a dual-speed configuration and a spacious and well-sealed cab.

In addition, SANY’s first electric mini forklift will debut at the event, signaling the company’s strong commitment to cutting carbon emissions.

“With a focus on quality, efficiency, sustainability, and operator comfort, we are committed to delivering superior products and solutions to the Canadian market,” said Michael. Zhao, president of SANY Canada. “We are delighted to have the opportunity to engage with our customers and partners, showing our latest technologies and innovations and exchanging industry trends.”

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