Serving customers wholeheartedly, creating even greater brilliance after the epidemic

HONG KONG, Feb. 8, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Since the subsiding of the epidemic, various industries have been gradually recovering. Thomson Chan, Director of Petros Consulting Engineers Ltd, stated that although the company was once affected by the pandemic, they have also discovered new business opportunities. Coupled with the team’s commitment to professionalism and rigorousness in serving customers, they believe that the company will continue to develop steadily. As a result of the team’s efforts, the company has also established a good reputation, attracting clients from different sectors.

Thomson Chan, Director of Petros Consulting Engineers Ltd.
Thomson Chan, Director of Petros Consulting Engineers Ltd.

In recent years, Petros Consulting Engineers Ltd. has not only undertaken projects for the headquarters of banks but has also been responsible for the maintenance of landmark buildings and the additional construction of international theme parks. Additionally, the team has also ventured into new business areas, such as conducting large-scale decoration surveys and writing reports for major events or theme parks to ensure stability and reliability. Moreover, the company has expanded beyond Asia, exploring new business opportunities in infrastructure maintenance and the construction of energy facilities, such as the hotel construction project in Vanuatu, a South Pacific island nation. In the future, Petros Consulting Engineers Ltd. will continue to serve customers wholeheartedly, striving for excellence.

Perseverance and Professionalism: A Testament to Success

“In the face of the 2020 pandemic, our business naturally encountered challenges. However, it also presented us with fresh opportunities to continue our growth,” reveals Thomson. While the world has gradually returned to normalcy, he admits that market conditions still show signs of sluggishness. Nevertheless, over the past few years, his team has diversified our portfolio by undertaking projects previously unexplored, “This diversification includes large-scale carnivals, theme parks, and occasional installations of majestic embellishments that exceed regulatory limits. In such instances, clients entrust us with measurement and reporting to substantiate the structural integrity to the Buildings Department.” Additionally, Petros Consulting Engineers Ltd. has tapped into new markets of infrastructure maintenance and construction of energy facilities in recent years. Moreover, his team has extended their reach beyond Hong Kong, securing projects for hotel constructions in the South Pacific nation of Vanuatu. In this new avenue, his leadership is demonstrated in their professional prowess in a different form.

Recalling a career spanning nearly 18 years, Thomson humbly admits encountering occasional setbacks. Nevertheless, he consistently managed to find the silver lining, discovering opportunities amidst adversity. “We owe our gratitude to every client who has placed their trust in us over the years. It is through the loyalty of returning customers and their recommendations that we can forge ahead,” shares Thomson, reflecting on his impending retirement. When asked about his future aspirations, he believes that the focus should not solely be on profitability, but rather on the inheritance of professional expertise. “A successful engineer should possess a genuine passion for design and demonstrate a sincere concern for clients’ needs. We should never take entrusted tasks lightly. I hope to impart these technical skills and work ethics to my team, enabling them to excel and also to experience the satisfaction that I have gained throughout my career.”

An Unbreakable Bond with Architecture Set Chan’s Foot on the Path of Construction

Thomson has these expectations for the company and the team based on his past growth experiences and career trajectory. Thomson embarked on his career journey in 1996 after graduating from Department of Civil Engineering at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Then, Thomson swiftly found his place in a multinational engineering consultancy firm that allowed him to actively participate in various local infrastructure projects. “For instance, during the construction of the Hong Kong International Airport at Chek Lap Kok, I had the privilege of being involved in designing different road networks within the airport. Ensuring the proper drainage systems were in place for every road segment, enabling smooth vehicle flow even during torrential downpours,” he explained. The rise of the Hong Kong International Airport, coupled with the transfer of sovereignty in 1997, marked its official opening in 1998. Over the next decade, it became a cargo and passenger hub prominent worldwide, even earning the accolade of being one of the best airports globally. In addition to the Hong Kong International Airport, Thomson discovered his involvement in the construction of the West Rail and Ma On Shan lines of the MTR, specifically contributing to the design of the Shatin City One station. “Together with the team, we were responsible for everything from the station’s interior facilities to the bridges and piles surrounding the station,” he shared. While Thomson’s tenure in this particular role lasted only five years, the invaluable hands-on experience gained from participating in multiple local infrastructure projects significantly enhanced his professional growth. Not only did it allow him to put into practice the knowledge acquired during his academic years, but it also provided a chance to be part of the entire process, from initial design to project completion, leaving him with a profound sense of honor.

Bouncing Back and Better with A Self-Founded Company after Health Setbacks

Later, in his pursuit of expanding his career, Thomson joined another local building surveying firm. This company differed greatly from his previous employer, focusing primarily on various building maintenance and extension projects. For instance, during the 2003 SARS outbreak, they were designated to design negative pressure wards for the Hospital Authority, leveraging their expertise to contribute to the fight against the epidemic. Thomson’s immersion in this different aspect of the industry broadened his understanding of projects across different scales.

Amidst the SARS crisis and the financial turmoil, Hong Kong’s economy suffered greatly between 2003 and 2004. Simultaneously, Thomson’s career was abruptly put on hold due to unforeseen health issues. Nevertheless, Thomson was not defeated by this setback. On the contrary, during his recuperation period, he continued to enhance his skills, making the most of his time by resting while pursuing further education. Finally, in August 2005, Thomson achieved the professional qualification of a registered structural engineer, allowing him to take responsibility for signing and overseeing structural drawings, shouldering greater responsibilities.

In 2005, Hong Kong gradually emerged from the economic downturn, prompting Thomson to establish Petros Consulting Engineers Ltd. He began taking on various projects, remarking, “Although it was called entrepreneurship, in reality, the entire company was just me. From liaising with clients and drafting plans to calculations, as well as handling accounting and administrative matters, it was truly a one-man band.” Thomson’s dedication soon garnered recognition from his clients, as each one was highly satisfied with his services. The company gradually built a strong reputation, with Thomson recalling, “As business thrived, I had more resources to hire staff. It started with one assistant and gradually increased. Today, our team consists of over ten people.”

After the pandemic, Thomson also discovered new business opportunities for Petros Consulting Engineers Ltd, diversifying their services to include large-scale carnivals, decorations for theme parks, and continuing to take on overseas projects. Thomson stated that he and the company will continue to uphold their meticulous professionalism, serving clients to the best of their abilities, remaining steadfast and loyal like a rock.

Thomson (on the left) and the team were responsible for the installation of solar panels on a prominent landmark building in Hong Kong.
Thomson (on the left) and the team were responsible for the installation of solar panels on a prominent landmark building in Hong Kong.

About Petros Consulting Engineers Ltd.

Petros Consulting Engineers Ltd (PCEL) was incorporated in Hong Kong in August 2005, and is specialized in wide range of professional services. PCEL consists of a group professional, energetic engineers and surveyors. In about 18 years’ time of the business corporation, PCEL has completed more that 3000 jobs in both Hong Kong and Macau. Clients of PCEL include Public Entities, Incorporated Owner and Private Owners. PCEL endeavors to provide her clients, tailor made solution and good quality of services.


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