SF Intra-city Delivery Orders of Comprehensive Delivery Increased 50% during May Day Holiday

Orders from Douyin Skyrocketed by 2 times

HONG KONG, May 9, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The May Day holiday has recently concluded, leaving behind a trail of remarkable growth in domestic travel and consumption, and the invaluable contributions of on-demand delivery service platforms and suppliers cannot be overlooked. Hangzhou SF Intra-city Industrial Co., Ltd. (“SF Intra-city” or the “Group”, Stock Code: 9699.HK), China’s largest third-party on-demand delivery service provider, is pleased to announce that the orders for comprehensive delivery increased 50% year-on-year (“YoY”) during May Day holiday, delivery orders from supermarkets and chain convenience stores increased over 1 time YoY, delivery orders from Douyin Lifestyle Services increased by 2 times YoY. The Group has provided efficient and flexible transportation capacity, intelligently deployed and improved the brand’s logistics fulfillment capabilities during peak order periods, and helped merchants respond to the diversified needs of consumers.

The holiday economy is thriving, and the new beverages market is witnessing a remarkable surge in growth. Numerous new beverage brand stores have recorded a doubling in sales, and some stores in popular destinations have even faced an overwhelming number of orders. According to data from SF Intra-city, the order volume for beverages doubled during May Day holiday. As the distribution partner for several prominent new beverage brands like CHAGEE and Molly Tea, the Group utilizes a comprehensive one-stop distribution platform, by leveraging a diverse capacity system and intelligent dispatching system, it can swiftly respond to high-demand periods such as the Labor Day holiday, effectively managing the pressure of surging orders.

During the May Day holiday, there were several emerging trends in people’s travel expenses. The proportion of behaviors such as relaxing travel, shopping in local and on-demand delivery significantly increased. According to data from SF Intra-city, convenience store orders during the May Day holiday more than doubled compared to the previous year, while orders for beauty supplies and emergency medicine delivery achieved high double-digit growth year-on-year. This year, a new trend among travelers is to go out with minimal belongings and purchase necessary items locally. SF intra-city ‘s comprehensive product system for customers, including “pick-up, delivery, purchase, and processing,” ensures quick response, assisting tourists in addressing various needs such as baggage pickup and delivery, purchasing local specialties, and avoiding queues at popular restaurants.

An increasing number of tourists are utilizing Douyin’s lifestyle services to indulge in a wide range of local experiences and consumption offerings. SF Intra-city has seamlessly integrated its services into Douyin’s food delivery and Douyin Supermarket one-hour delivery features. Additionally, it provides a comprehensive solution for live e-commerce delivery. The May Day holiday witnessed a remarkable year-on-year increase of nearly 200% in the number of orders processed by SF Intra-city.

The structure of domestic tourism during May Day holiday has exhibited a substantial increase in the popularity of “county tourism”, particularly in smaller cities, counties, and rural areas that offer more cost-effective options. As a result, these regions have experienced robust growth. SF Intra-city has expanded its coverage to over 1,000 cities and counties nationwide, achieving a coverage rate of 60%. Notably, order volumes in regions such as Qiandongnan in Guizhou, Jinhua and Jiaxing in Zhejiang, Qianjiang in Hubei, and Kashgar in Xinjiang have witnessed significant year-on-year growth, multiplying several times over.

The May Day ‘Golden Week’ holiday, being a significant milestone in travel and consumption, has garnered attention from both consumers and businesses alike. With the holiday economy flourishing and the demand for on-demand delivery services on the rise, the symbiotic relationship between on-demand delivery services industry and consumer market has become increasingly impactful. SF Intra-city plays a crucial role by providing high quality intra-city delivery services, enhancing the travel experience for consumers and driving the growth of merchants’ holiday businesses. Furthermore, it injects vitality and potential into the long-term development of the third-party on-demand delivery service market. As SF Intra-city strives to fulfill its mission of “letting more people enjoy a close and beautiful life,” the Group looks forward to steady progress, high-quality growth, and delivering increased value to shareholders and investors.


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