Sharing Experiences for Mutual Success: Heilongjiang Ice and Snow Tourism link with Northern Europe as a silver silk ribbon

HARBIN, China , April 19, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — In April, Scandinavia is blessed with refreshing breezes and signs of spring. Following their ice and snow tourism study in Finland and Norway, the Heilongjiang Province cultural and tourism delegation held a practical and fruitful ice and snow tourism overseas promotion event in Copenhagen, Denmark, the final stop. Mr. Liang Bin, Cultural Counselor of Chinese Embassy in Denmark, Mr. He Jing, Head of the Heilongjiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, and Mr. Nicki Ottevig, a member of Slagelse City Council and Cultural Tourism Commissioner, delivered speeches. Nearly 50 representatives from the Copenhagen City Government, the Fredriksberg Opera House, travel agencies, chambers of commerce, sports and cultural associations, and the China Global Bridge attended the promotional event.

Mr. Wang Hongxin, the Bureau chief of Harbin Cultural Broadcasting and Tourism Bureau, Mr. Wang Wei, the Bureau chief of the Yichun Cultural Broadcasting and Tourism Bureau, Mr. Guo Hongwei, the Chairman of Harbin Ice and Snow World, and Mr. Zou Xiangdong, the Section Chief of the External Cooperation Department of the Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, introduced the ice and snow tourism resources and products of relevant cities and enterprises in Heilongjiang Province.

Danish government officials, CEOs of travel agencies from Denmark and Sweden, and senior figures in the cultural and sports fields discussed the global impact of Heilongjiang’s booming ice and snow tourism, as well as the prospects for cooperation in tourism between China, Denmark, Heilongjiang, and the Nordic countries. Councilor Nicki Ottevig mentioned that many Danes were aware of the popularity of Harbin ice and snow tourism last winter, expressing a desire for more cooperation with Heilongjiang Province. Mr. Peter Melander, CEO of Copenhagen Global Travel and Exhibition Company, noted that Danes enjoy skiing but mostly do so in Sweden, Norway, Finland, where prices are high. He believed that Nordic people would have fun skiing in Heilongjiang at a lower cost. Mr. Martin Nsnoielsen, CEO of Bryghuset Møn, a beer brewing and tourism company, expressed interest in attracting Chinese tourists and Harbin beer to Denmark, as well as sending Nordic tourists and the best beer to Heilongjiang, eagerly anticipating participating in the Harbin International Beer Festival.

This promotional event, organized by the Heilongjiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, took place as Heilongjiang’s ice and snow tourism continues to gain momentum, marking 300 days until the start of the 9th Asian Winter Games. Timely introductions of Heilongjiang’s ice and snow culture, sports, and tourism successes, as well as market opportunities, were presented to Nordic counterparts. Following the event, over 10 companies have expressed interest in cooperation, with Heilongjiang’s ice and snow stories and industry transcending borders, with the Silver Ribbon extending to Northern Europe.


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