State Grid Caoxian Power Supply Company: “Full Grid Electricity” Accelerates Enterprise Development

CAOXIAN, China, April 30, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — “The Power Supply Company takes proactive measures to provide assistance, helping inspect electrical equipment. With their thoughtful help, we feel more secure in our production”. On April 18, State Grid Caoxian Power Supply Company arranged for dedicated personnel to proactively engage with Xinxin Wood Company, thoroughly understanding the company’s electricity needs and providing electrical advice.

In order to thoroughly implement the innovative promotion of the business environment and deployment of action plan, State Grid Caoxian Power Supply Company provides strong guarantees for the development of enterprises in its jurisdiction with high-quality services. Based on the goal of “reducing links, materials, time, and travel” in the “four reductions”, State Grid Caoxian Power Supply Company takes the expansion of large customer manager services as the main thread, deeply promoting the “Three Illuminations” thematic action of illuminating personnel identity, institutional responsibilities, and evaluations. By establishing project service special teams and creating a “one project, one team” service model, individual responsibilities are further clarified, and business standards are defined. For the application materials for power supply and public service matters, a “one-time notification, one-form application, one-set document, one-window acceptance” approach is implemented. With a “nanny-style” and “one-stop” service mechanism, electricity problems during project construction are anticipated in advance, real-time summaries and discussions are held for solutions, and power service processes are continuously optimized, achieving full-process personal attention and coordinated and efficient completion of customer power engineering access tasks.

Based on the characteristics of high standards for enterprise power voltage quality, high reliability requirements for power supply, and high demands for quality service, State Grid Caoxian Power Supply Company innovatively implements the “chain-leader system” initiative. It adopts a “one-on-one” service model to thoroughly understand the load situation and electricity demand of enterprises, adhering to the principle of “identifying one problem and solving a class of demands” to promptly address the electricity problems of enterprise customers. It actively provides energy efficiency optimization and enhancement services, comprehensively analyzes data such as enterprise power load, electricity consumption, and electricity fees, helps enterprises optimize their power usage plans, and reduces electricity costs, injecting new vitality into the high-quality development of enterprises.

Based on the decentralized characteristics of enterprises, State Grid Caoxian Power Supply Company relies on “Electric Rainbow Stations” and “Village Grid Co-construction” electricity convenience service points to fully open up the forefront of power supply services. Continuously improve the construction of “one zone, one post, one team, one shift and one grid”, meticulously comb through the list of power facilities in concentrated areas of enterprises, place important customer repair path maps, substation manager convenience service cards, and feedback boxes in the operating halls of power supply offices and “Electric Rainbow Stations,” implement 24-hour power supply services, make every effort to create a “ten-minute emergency repair and power supply service circle”, and make proactive efforts to meet the needs of enterprises.



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