Tag along with Jason in Zhengzhou: Experiencing Kung Fu at the Shaolin Temple

BEIJING, May 30, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — This is a report from China.org.cn about the Shaolin Temple:

Guided by a friend who trains at the Shaolin Temple, Jason Castleton visited the place considered the birthplace of Chinese kung fu and a revered monastery of Chan Buddhism.

Jason Castleton visited the Shaolin Temple, which is known as the birthplace of Chinese kung fu. The temple, located in Dengfeng, Henan Province, was founded in 495 and is also considered the ancestral monastery of Chan Buddhism. It is not only a popular tourist attraction, but also a World Heritage Site.

Jason meets his friend Jia, who has been studying kung fu at the Shaolin Temple. Jia gives Jason a tour of the temple and shows him what makes it so special.

During the tour, they come across a huge wok that was used for cooking in the past. Jia explains that it was once the smallest wok in the entire temple, as the larger ones were destroyed. He also tells the story of the Kinnara Bodhisattva statue, which represents a fire-stoking monk who saved the temple from a peasant rebel army. Next, Jia shows Jason the stone floors with holes that are believed to have been caused by the stomping of warrior monks during their training.

Jia says that about 90% of the monks in the temple are skilled in kung fu. He explains that kung fu is deeply ingrained in their daily lives, mentioning the rigorous training schedule for students like himself and the warrior monks. They have intense physical training every day. But they also attend academic classes on Buddhism and other subjects, as well as manual labor to help the older monks.

Jia expresses that coming to Shaolin and training in kung fu has not only improved him physically, but also mentally and spiritually. Jia demonstrates a special technique to Jason, who is amazed and asks to learn it. Jia suggests that Master Shi teach Jason instead.

Jason meets Master Shi, who emphasizes that kung fu is not about attacking, but about defending oneself with minimal harm. He explains that kung fu is rooted in Chan Buddhism and its culture, and stresses the importance of practicing Chan meditation for inner peace.

As Jason leaves the temple, he reflects on how his understanding has changed. He expresses his gratitude for the opportunity to experience Shaolin firsthand and briefly feels a sense of belonging to the temple.

Official: Tag along with Jason in Zhengzhou: Experiencing Kung Fu at the Shaolin Temple


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