TCI Gene Enhancing Malaysia’s Preventive Healthcare In Collaboration With ALPRO Pharmacy

TAIPEI, March 28, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — TCI Gene announced a strategic partnership with Alpro Pharmacy, a renowned chain pharmacy leader in Malaysia, to exclusively offer its genetic assessment services to Malaysians. TCI Gene and Alpro Pharmacy aims to provide Malaysians with better preventive healthcare via this initiative, complementing Alpro Pharmacy’s objective of comprehensive healthcare. The service, called MyDNA360 in Malaysia, will be available to Malaysians starting the month of April 2024. It offers comprehensive genetic assessment for key critical disorders that matters to majority of Malaysians. 

Genetically inherited diseases claim the lives of 1 in 4 Malaysians. In 2020, Malaysia reported 48,639 new cancer cases, equating to 1 cancer case for every 658 Malaysians. Approximately 15% of Malaysians are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. According to the Alzheimer’s Disease Foundation Malaysia (ADFM), approximately 312% increase in Alzheimer’s aging population by 2050. TCI Gene and Alpro Pharmacy believes that genetic testing can empower individuals to take proactive steps towards prevention, rather than waiting until diseases symptoms appear to seek treatment.

Alpro Pharmacy is recognized as the leading prescription pharmacy in Malaysia, celebrated for its dedication to promoting community health and conducting extensive outreach initiatives nationwide. With a comprehensive range of healthcare services, Alpro Pharmacy is strategically positioned to enhance the significance of this partnership, guaranteeing that preventive healthcare becomes increasingly accessible to all Malaysians.

TCI Gene’s genetic assessment adopts globally renowned genetic detection points for high-risk diseases. This is achieved via integrating genetic medical knowledge and systems biology, analysed through big data. TCI Gene utilises their proprietary global genome databank and their artificial intelligence powered analytical engine to funnel these data, in order to get actionable results for Malaysians. TCI Gene’s advanced genetic assessment prowess has been recognized by major healthcare providers in Asia. This is a significant milestone in its expansion into the Southeast Asian market.

Ms. Grace Fu, General Manager of TCI Gene, together with Ph. Low Swee Siong, Group Chief Executive Officer of Alpro Pharmacy, expressed their mutual excitement in the strategic partnership, during signing of memorandum of understanding (MOU) between the two parties.

Ph. Low Swee Siong emphasized, “This partnership symbolizes a pivotal milestone in our dedication to promoting well-being and encouraging proactive health management among individuals. By offering affordable genetic assessment services, we aim to equip Malaysians with vital information empowering them to make informed decisions concerning their health and their families’ wellbeing.”

“Alpro Pharmacy has always been a consistent provider of community healthcare. We are confident that TCI Gene will add value to the preventive healthcare market in Malaysia. We are looking forward to improving Malaysians’ health via our predictive assessment services, in line with the country’s vision of healthy population. We aim to expand the practice of the collaboration with international partners and benefit populations in the Asian region.”, said Ms. Grace Fu.

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About TCI Gene (TCI):
TCI Gene has been committed to offering complete genetic testing services since 2011, while also providing personalized genetic testing auxiliary products and services, advancing towards precision personalized medicine. In 2021, it completed the development of genetic testing for cardiovascular drugs, and its pharmacogenomics testing services also applied for Laboratory Developed Tests (LDTs) in 2022. It has currently obtained national certification from TFDA as a molecular laboratory and will continue to develop pharmacogenomics testing techniques for chronic diseases such as depression and gastrointestinal disorders.

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About Alpro Pharmacy:
With a humble beginning starting with a single pharmacy outlet in the small town of Port Dickson in 2002, Alpro Pharmacy is now a diversified community chain pharmacy that provides comprehensive primary healthcare solutions via over 300 outlets including Alpro Pharmacy, Alpro Clinic, Alpro Physio, Alpro Baby and Alpro Audiologi, both online and offline, nationwide. It is supported by a team of more than 650 healthcare professionals, ranging from doctors, pharmacists, nutritionists, dietitians to physiotherapists and many other healthcare professionals. 

Serving more than 2 million families in Malaysia, Alpro Pharmacy is the first and only community pharmacy in the country to provide RM1 million product liability insurance to safeguard the supply of genuine medications. With over 500,000 prescriptions filled per year, Alpro Pharmacy is also the largest prescription pharmacy chain in Malaysia.

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