The MEC (Maruto Egg Circulation Group) hosts a exclusive, “pupil-healthy” eggs tasting event in Singapore

SINGAPORE, Feb. 1, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The MEC (Maruto Egg Circulation Group) is organising an exclusive, invitation-only event for the promotion of “Doh Ken Ran” eggs, a special type of eggs that have never been seen before in the egg industry.

The “Doh Ken Ran” eggs contain ‘lutein’, a nutrient that is good at promoting eye health. The eggs contain about three times more lutein compared to conventional eggs. After three years of research and development, MEC Foods has focused on lutein as a crucial nutrient for the modern generation, which is highly integrated into digital society due to the usage of computers and smartphones.

“Doh Ken Ran” eggs also contain 1.5 times more folic acid – a nutrient good for pregnant women. It also contains 3 times more vitamin D and 7 times more vitamin E, crucial nutrients for the promotion of good health. These eggs are made with a special feed that contains marigolds, seaweed, wormwood, and wood vinegar, a natural material from trees.

Singapore is the second largest importer of Japanese eggs after Hong Kong and Taiwan regions.

On Monday, 19 February 2024, a promotional event for Japanese eggs will be held at SABAR Singapore at Tanjong Pagar for media and food industry representatives. The event will include an introduction to various health benefits of “Doh Ken Ran” eggs, a tasting of the aforementioned products specially prepared for the event, and an exchange of opinions.

Please take this opportunity to taste Japan’s world-class “pupil healthy” eggs in Singapore, and attend the event. Interested media and food representatives can contact the event representatives below.

<< Event overview for media and food industry professionals >>
Event name: Japanese “Doh Ken Ran” business briefing and tasting event
Venue: SABAR Singapore, #03-14 100AM, 100 Tras Street, Singapore

Date and time: 
19th February 2023 (Monday)
Time: 1500 to 1700

Number of participants: 30, by invitation only.

Image of "Doh Ken Ran" eggs
Image of “Doh Ken Ran” eggs



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