“VEGAN FOIE GRAS”, “VEGAN CAVIAR” and “VEGAN TRUFFLE BUTTER” — The World’s Top 3 delicacies made with 100% Plant-Based, now available from JAPAN by Dr. Foods.

TOKYO, May 13, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — A Japanese food tech venture company Dr. Foods Co., Ltd. (OTCQB Market in the U.S. listed corporation as “DRFS”) developed and started selling “VEGAN FOIE GRAS” (in 2022), “VEGAN CAVIAR” (in 2023) and, finally “VEGAN TRUFFLE BUTTER” is ready for B to B distribution in Japan and beyond.

VEGAN FOIE GRASand “VEGAN CAVIAR” have already been sold in Netherlands and Japan. This introduction of “VEGAN TRUFFLE BUTTER” will complete the company’s vegan lineup of the world’s top 3 delicacies made with 100% Plant-Based for the first time in the world by Dr. Foods in Japan.

“VEGAN TRUFFLE BUTTER” uses the finest Italian Summer Truffle from Tuscany which is mixed with proprietary plant-based vegan butter with a specially selected extra virgin olive oil from Italy. 160,000 servings of “VEGAN FOIE GRASwere sold at 28 hotels in Japan since September of 2023.

Dr. Foods have held tasting events of our products in the U.S., Singapore, the Netherlands, Thailand, UAE and have received positive responses. The company believes that the Top 3 plant-based delicacies are products that can be offered to hotels and restaurants around the world. The company will now make the full-scale efforts to export them.

Dr. FOODS Co., Ltd. (OTCQB Market in the US listed corporation as “DRFS”) are Tokyo based food-tech venture companies that have been devoting for the research, development, and in-house production of premium Japanese-style alternative plant-based products to the world. We utilize innovative technology to develop and distribute plant-based products for a sustainable future while searching for the unique solutions to endangered resources and unethical production methods.

For further information, please contact the following.

Dr. FOODS Co., Ltd. Japan’s Sustainable Cultured Food Innovation

5-21 Toyosawa Cho, Hanamaki, 

CEO: Koichi Ishizuka

Iwate, Japan 025-0089 

COO: Hideo Fujioka

TEL:03-4400-5201 FAX:03-6369-3727

COO: Mitsuru Anthony Ueno






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