Waton Securities International Becomes a Certified Member of FTAHK and SFA

SHENZHEN, China, Feb. 6, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — In February 2024, Waton Securities International announced its certification as a member of the FinTech Association of Hong Kong (FTAHK) and the Singapore FinTech Association (SFA).

(FTAHK)(website:https://ftahk.org/membership-directory/corporate) and (SFA)(Website:https://directory.singaporefintech.org/directory/listing/waton-securities-international-limited).

According to public records, FTAHK, established in 2017, is a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering the future development of financial technology in Hong Kong(China), Greater China, and Asia. Its members consist of global financial institutions and service providers. As the industry spokesperson, FTAHK actively engages with its members and industry partners to cultivate stable cooperative relationships, driving essential initiatives to advance Hong Kong’s financial technology ecosystem.

Similarly, SFA, a cross-industry non-profit organization, serves as a platform to facilitate collaboration among all participants and stakeholders within the financial technology ecosystem. Committed to promoting engagement and growth within the ecosystem, SFA organizes activities, offers membership programs, and facilitates knowledge sharing. Furthermore, SFA closely collaborates with regulatory authorities and decision-makers to provide crucial insights on industry regulations, fostering industry consensus and standards.

Being a certified member of these esteemed associations, Waton Securities is elated to receive recognition for its accomplishments in the field of financial technology. Moving forward, Waton Securities is committed to actively fulfilling its mission and responsibilities as a certified member. Waton Securities will enthusiastically engage in communication, learning, and cooperation with the associations and fellow members. Leveraging expertise in brokerage cloud services and AI big data models, Waton Securities will steadily develop the AaaS (AI as a Service) model, with the aim of driving the sustainable development of financial technology.


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