Xinhua Silk Road: E. China’s Shandong Zaozhuang greets tourists with spring blossoms

BEIJING, March 29, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Zaozhuang City of east China’s Shandong Province has recently seen flocks of tourists come to enjoy the blossoming spring across the city.

In the Guishan scenic area of Zaozhuang’s Shizhong District, blooming flowers form a beautiful spring scenery where tourists can stroll through the winding mountains, listening to singing birds and bathing in flower fragrance.

Xiwangzhuang Town, one of the top picks for flower lovers, offers a close contact with a sea of tulips in various colors, rendering the most playful appearance with a golden sunshine coating.

Zhongxing pavilion, sitting at the center of Donghu wetland park of Shizhong District, is also a favored place even by the locals for flower appreciation. 

Looking down from the pavilion, people are greeted with clusters of pale pink, glowing red, and snow-white plum blossoms all over the branches in the park. 

In addition to the soothing waves of fragrant aroma, it is also the time for snapshots to seal the beauty and happiness for at least a second.

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