xTool Introduces F1 Ultra, the Ultimate Product Solution for Small Business Owners

IRWINDALE, Calif., May 31, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — xTool, an industry-leading laser cutter and engraver brand, has answered the call of small business owners with its latest innovation – the xTool F1 Ultra, a 20W fiber and diode dual laser engraver with the speed of 10000mm/s for almost all materials. Launched on May 29, the F1 Ultra is designed for businesses looking to increase productivity to factory levels and offer on-site customization services.

One of the standout features of the F1 Ultra is the world’s first machine to feature both fiber and diode dual laser sources. This innovation offers unparalleled efficiency and versatility in material processing, making it a game-changing solution. The different wavelengths enable the fiber laser to engrave metals, plastics, and rocks, while the diode laser excels at engraving wood, acrylic, leather, glass, and more.

Furthermore, the F1 Ultra offers deep engraving and embossing capabilities, thanks to its 20W power output for both laser types. It can handle 3D engraving on various materials. The 20W fiber laser also allows for cutting thin stainless steel, brass, and aluminum, expanding possibilities for small businesses.

The F1 Ultra delivers exceptional productivity akin to factory-grade standards, yet is designed for easy mastery. Its auto batch production function, powered by an integrated camera, algorithms, and the market’s largest desktop galvo, enables fully automated engraving – ideal for large custom orders during peak seasons. Remarkably, xTool pushed the fiber laser’s working area to 220x500mm without compromising precision in any corner.

To make the F1 Ultra even more user-friendly, xTool offers free and easy-to-use software, a built-in camera for easier focusing and positioning, and a touchscreen control panel with 7GB of storage space for saving projects and processing directly without the need for a computer or other device.

Safety is a top priority at xTool, and the F1 Ultra is no exception. This machine is fully enclosed to prevent accidental laser injuries and has a built-in cover that filters out strong blue laser light. It also efficiently removes dust and smoke, creating a safe environment for storefront use.

The F1 Ultra is now available at xTool.com, priced at $3999. Participate in the xTool trade-up program to enjoy an extra $200 off, making the final price $3799. This offer is open to anyone with a used laser machine of any brand.


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