XTrend Speed Achieves Global Recognition with 10 Million Users Worldwide

HONG KONG, March 11, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Since its establishment in 2020, the XTrend Speed trading application has garnered acclaim from a global user base of 10 million. This highly-regarded fintech app has rapidly risen to prominence in just a few years, solidifying its position as a leader in the fintech industry.

In 2022, XTrend Speed proudly announced its official online trading partnership with the Serie A football club ACF Fiorentina, marking a significant milestone and reinforcing its presence in the sports sponsorship arena. This collaboration garnered significant attention, showcasing the successful integration of XTrend Speed between the fintech and sports industries.

Building on this success, in 2023, XTrend Speed expanded its influence further by becoming a respected regional sponsor of the Argentine national football team. This strategic move not only elevated XTrend Speed’s reputation in the realm of sports sponsorship but also underscored the company’s global strategic vision and leadership.

Looking ahead to 2024, XTrend Speed is gearing up for a milestone relaunch, unveiling a series of strategic initiatives aimed at setting new benchmarks in the fintech sector. Led by an experienced and professional team, XTrend Speed was founded to meet the evolving needs of global traders, addressing challenges in technology development, market expansion, and customer support with unwavering determination.

From its inception to becoming a key player in the fintech industry, XTrend Speed’s remarkable journey has captivated observers. Despite facing challenges in technology development, market expansion, and customer support, XTrend Speed remains steadfastly committed to fulfilling its mission. Through relentless efforts, XTrend Speed has evolved into a renowned trading platform, offering a variety of efficient, secure, and reliable trading products.

About XTrend Speed

XTrend Speed is an authorized financial service provider in South Africa, and is regulated by FSCA under the FSP license number 23497.

In 2023, XTrend Speed won 4 awards, including Best Customer Service Forex Broker – Global and Most Reliable Forex Broker – Europe. More than 4000 users write reviews about XTrend Speed on Trustpilot (a review platform) where a rating is 4.6 of 5.0.

XTrend Speed pushes small investment (invest from $10) and features such functions as Watch Live that livestreams the market analysis, Starters School, News, Copy Trading. With the help of these, both novices and masters can find investment that works for them in XTrend Speed.


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